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120+ New Products Strongly Landed in CBE: Bawei Has These Key Skincare Products

From the "take a bath with milk foam" Dove Zhizhi taotao milk foam shower gel to the LUX celestial escape shower gel sold out in the Weiya's live broadcast room; From the domestic skin care brand Dora Dosun which can sell 58 million yuan in sales in every live broadcast through the Kwai live broadcast. Then to the treasure national brand HBN, which is called by the ingredient party as the king of the cost performance in double an alcohol anti-aging products. More and more popular products and new brands that are recognized by the market are inseparable from the "smart hand" of Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation.


1. Innovative concept of Bawei body wash product

As the first new third board listed enterprise in Baiyun District of Guangzhou and the leading ODM / OBM manufacturer of the personal care and beauty products in China, Bawei always adheres to the market concept of "Bawei products, safe and reliable", and continues to output the high-quality products for the industry.

In the research and development of oem shower gel, Bawei adheres to the concept of "products are far more powerful than imagination" and creates a variety of creative trendy products that detonate the market. In terms of product testing, Bawei has established an industry third-party testing organization - Youzhi testing to provide professional and authoritative testing consulting services for the brands; In terms of production and manufacturing, Bawei's four production bases work together to build a strong capacity of production and delivery and escort the growth of the brand.

"In the past, we have been engaged in R & D and communicated with the customers with the professional formulas, but in fact, we have ignored that the transformation from  the formula to a product that meets the market demand and has the selling points needs a transformed 'language'." Yang Honghua, the marketing director of Bawei said, and also told the Pinguan app to build the products with the market-oriented language which is one of the ways for Bawei to strengthen the innovation ability of the shower wash products.


Over the past 15 years, the spirit of the "down-to-earth research and development" has precipitated the strong R & D capability of Bawei. Now, Bawei has built a professional R & D team with 30 + senior engineers and 100 + R & D personnel, and hired the Japanese national treasure R & D Engineer Tada Nakyo as an expert consultant to further improve its R & D strength. At present, Bawei has formed 6000 + mature formulas and 66 authorized patents to provide professional customized services for more than 500 brands, including Unilever, Lafang and HBN.


Among them, Bawei's best products are the concentrated embodiment of Bawei's patented technology. For example, the essence products made by the Bawei patented technology and micro coagulation bead technology can effectively lock the functional ingredients, with a burst of the pearl skin feeling, and also let the ingredients slow release, better absorbed by the skin. At the same time, the micro coagulation bead technology can also realize the color customization, core component customization, particle size, hardness and transparency customization, so as to fully meet the needs of the consumers.


2. Advantages of Bawei testing organization

2021 is called the first year of the cosmetics industry supervision. With the implementation of the new regulations on cosmetics, it is an indisputable fact that the supervision of cosmetics is becoming more and more strict, whether it is the strict control of the new raw materials or the strict requirements for the efficacy declaration of the shower wash products. For the upstream manufacturing industry, the importance of cosmetics testing is self-evident.


"Behind the product development, we must have a strong testing team to support. Whether the shower wash products are safe, stable and effective needs to be verified by the professional and authoritative testing institutions."


Now, Bawei has built four production bases, including the Bawei Civil Science Park Innovation Center & Smart factory, and the Conghua scientific research intelligent production base is under construction. There are 66 production lines of Bawei which can produce 300 million masks, 400 million professional mens clean skincare products, and 130 tons of emulsified Nissan in one year. It is not difficult to see that the "three-pronged" enterprise business model of R & D end, detection end and production end jointly help Bawei drive into the fast lane of development.

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