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Lip Care

Lips are easily exposed to various pressures in daily life. Sunlight, dry air and cold temperature can easily take away moisture from the fragile skin of our lips. After all, unlike other parts of the face, the lip skin has neither sebaceous glands nor a protective layer of oil. The result is that our lips are easily too rough and chapped. Therefore, there are various types of lip care products (like lip balm, lip mask, lip serum, lip scrub and more) to prevent this problem. These provide moisture and heal dry cracks to the lips, which make your lips become soft and supple again, look cared for and kept healthy.

Advantage of Good Lip Care Products

There is a complete lip care step to keep your lips plumping. From scrub to mask, from serum to balm, Bawei, as an excellent lip care manufacturer, provides various types of lip care products. Each step with the product has its unique effect.

  • The lip scrub removes dead skin on the lips and promotes the growth of skin cells, making them smooth and soft! Exfoliating and cleaning once a week can keep lips soft, retain hydrating, and prevent cracking.

  • Lip balm is a waxy substance that can be used to moisturize and relieve pain caused by dry or chapped lips. Because the lip skin is thin, the lips are prone to injury, and signs of dryness usually appear before other parts of the skin. Lip balm can prevent lips from dry air and low temperature.

  • Lip mask is a gel mask that is on your lips for a while. Most masks are mainly used at night, while others are used for a shorter period of time (e.g. 15 minutes). The purpose of the lip mask is to provide long-lasting moisturization for soft, smooth, healthy-looking lips.

  • A powerful lip serum with natural ingredients, waxes and oils can protect your lips from dryness while hydrating your lip while you sleep. The lip essence effectively and quickly increases the elasticity of the lips, activate the cell regeneration, and resists aging and repairs the lips, making your mouth look smoother.

Make Your Daily Lip Care Routine

The endurance of lips against environmental intrusions is the weakest and the most prone to "aging" part among the entire body's skin. The skin on the lips is always exposed to and is easily affected by the environment. Therefore, moisturizing and hydrating are the key tasks of lip care, especially in winter. People usually think that just putting on lip balm can give enough protection to the lips, but in fact, the care of lips can be and should be more comprehensive. The cuties who have never forgotten to take facial care do not know that their lips also need extra care. As a result, the lips appear dry and even peeling, without previous brilliance. Let's get started to learn about how to take care of your lips by the correct lip care habits.


  · Don't lick your lips frequently

  · Don't rip the dead skin off your lips

  · Apply lip balm regularly before going to bed

  · Be careful not to use cheap lipstick

  · Pay attention to lip makeup removal

  · Do not forget lip sunscreen

  · Hydration is important

Lip Care and Lip Exfoliation

Although the lip skin is thin, dead skin will also be produced in the metabolic process. If the dead skin can not be removed in time, it will lead to the formation of lip wrinkles. Exfoliating the lips not only makes the lip skin softer, but also helps prevent problems such as dryness and peeling of the lips. Using exfoliating products can bring certain nourishment and repair to the lip skin. Make a simple lip care strategy, and you can use the following as a reference:

  • Step 1: Before taking care of our lips, we need to use warm water to gently moisturize the lips. It is best to take a wet towel to soothe the lips. After your mouth is moisturized enough, slowly remove the excess dead skin first, but do remember: don't tear it by force!


  • step 2: remove excess horny on the lips. Here is the easiest way for you: mix white sugar and honey (the ratio can be controlled at 1:3), and then use your fingers to apply them to the lips in a circular motion. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water before finally rubbing it gently with a soft face towel. Do this once a week.

  • step 3: Use a lip mask for your lip care. The lip mask can be done 1 to 2 times per week. The method of applying a lip mask is also very simple. Firstly, apply the essence or moisturizer carefully around the lips. Then put on the lip mask and you should buy masks specially designed for lip care.


  • step 4: Moisturizing. Moisturizing must be done well! After finishing all the lip care work, remember to apply a thin layer of lip balm to enhance the moisturizing effect.

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FAQ of Lip Care
How to take care of your lips?

(1) Always keep your lip hydrated. Use lip treatment to moisture your lips and apply spf lip balm outside.

(2) Exfoliating your lips 1-2 times a week, because lip scrub can eliminate some dry and dead skin and build up new skin cells.

How to prevent and treat dry, chapped lips?

(1) Use non-irritating lip balm and other products applied to the lips. Many people may mistake discomfort (such as burning or tingling) for the effective ingredients in the product. Stop using some irritating products on your lips. Use natural ingredients such as castor seed oil, ceramides, hemp seed oil and shea butter oil.

(2) Drink enough water to keep hydration.

(3) Stop licking, biting and lips. When your lips feel dry, licking them may make them instantly moist. As the saliva evaporates, your lips become drier. Biting your lips will also irritate them.

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