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What is the Future of Generation Z's Cleansing Products?


In the past two years, the market capacity of just-needed facial cleansing products has continued to expand. For consumers, facial cleanser products are essential for life. Cleansing before going to bed, getting up early, cleansing when bathing, cleansing when removing makeup, and cleansing after going home. The cleansing market is viable, and it has an absolute advantage in the TOP1 list. Products such as mild formula, natural ingredients, and non-drying after washing are more favored by the consumer market.

1. The facial cleanser test of BAWEI

The test of the bulk facial cleanser showed the professionals of BAWEI·YOUZHI. Besides that, BAWEI is also participated in the drafting of 5 national standards, 25 group standards and 58 corporate standards that are mostly used in industry testing projects. In terms of industry standards, it is extremely authoritative. It is not only the makers of standards, but also the practitioners and vanes of standards. In addition to professional and authoritative qualifications, the strength of an organization in all aspects also affects the level of inspection to a large extent.



2. The detection of the amino acid face cleanser

In addition, Generation Z, which has the X-face label, believes in beauty and justice under the promotion of self-consumption. They pay more attention to the "internal and external" experience and design of the amino acid mild facial cleanser, and the unique skin care they bring "Sense of ritual".


Relying on a strong testing team and testing strength, BAWEI·YOUZHI testing greatly improves testing efficiency and can quickly meet new customer requirements for products. In addition, it has also invested a huge amount of money to introduce a laboratory information management (LIMS) system, so that customers can place orders remotely, remotely check test progress, and verify the authenticity of reports online.

From the raw materials of amino acid foam cleansing milk products to efficacy evaluation, registration and filing, BAWEI·YOUZHI testing not only provides customers with a comprehensive and comprehensive one-stop skin care product testing and filing service, but also has extremely high timeliness and security. In the mixed efficacy testing market, with high-end, high-energy, high-standard, efficient and reliable genes empowering the development of enterprises and brand customers, under the background of the strong rise of efficacy skin care products, their competitiveness has been greatly enhanced!

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