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"New Product Shortage" Of Specialized Cosmetics? Don't Panic, The Solution Is Underway

Three major "roadblocks" for registration of special cosmetic items

In fact, the decrease in the registration of special cosmetic items is the result of multiple factors. On the one hand, the new regulations require that efficacy evaluation tests must be conducted on three types of special cosmetic items—whitening, sunscreen, and anti-hair loss—before their registration. This has led to longer registration cycles for special cosmetic items.

"Take whitening cosmetic items as an example. Before efficacy testing, physical and microbiological tests as well as necessary toxicity tests are required, which takes about 1 to 3 months; the efficacy testing itself usually takes 3 to 5 months; and, finally, with the time needed for data verification, the entire registration process generally takes more than one year," said a representative from Bawei.

On the other hand, as of now, only 34 testing institutions have been authorized by the State Administration for Market Regulation to conduct the human efficacy evaluation of special cosmetic items with the qualifications of whitening, anti-hair loss, and sunscreen. "Currently, if companies want to conduct efficacy testing on their special cosmetic items, they have to queue up to find the relevant testing institutions," said a representative from Bawei. This shortage of institutions has further prolonged the evaluation process of special cosmetic items, making registration more difficult.

For many brands and companies with a demand for the development and efficacy evaluation of special cosmetic items, how to overcome these three major "roadblocks" undoubtedly poses a huge challenge.

Bawei cosmetic items helps product efficacy with multiple approaches

Thanks to 16 years of accumulation in the field of cosmetic items research and development, Bawei now not only has more than 100 authorized patents, but also has established a material microcosmic synergistic research system based on several exclusive technologies, developing a series of high-end skincare formulas that guarantee the efficacy of products, including special cosmetic items, and enhance efficacy testing results from the technical level.

It is understood that Bawei has a variety of special formulas for whitening and anti-spot, sun protection, etc., and has developed a series of star products. For example, Bawei recently launched the Light Sensation Sun Protection Milky Lotion, which has different types including outdoor, daily, and nourishing types based on different sun protection functions, scenarios, and different skin types such as dry, oily and sensitive skin, which can meet the diversified needs of the current sun protection market.

Bawei light sensation sun protection milky lotion cosmetic items


It is well known that special cosmetic items have extremely high requirements for safety. Bawei also spare no effort in enhancing the safety of its products.

In the early stage of new product development, Bawei conducts a series of tests on product safety, stability, and efficacy, such as controlling the quality of raw materials, such as the content of sunscreens, and controlling the sun protection effectiveness, safety, and stability of the formula to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products launched.

In addition, Bawei has also made layouts in innovation and application of Chinese characteristic plant resources. For example, by selecting natural raw materials and using technologies such as natural plant extraction and biological fermentation, Bawei endows the ingredients with more mild and safe efficacy, avoiding the problems of skin dryness and redness caused by irritation. It has independently developed several composite plant materials, such as RelaXdenpoly (Golden Jade Nourishment) and PromvacneII (Clear Skin Net), and has greatly improved the effective ingredient content, thus greatly enhancing the efficacy of the raw materials through optimized technology and processes.

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