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Hand and foot care products, such as hand and foot moisturizer and  hand and foot lotion, are geting more and more important in people's skin care routine today. Your hands tend to be one of the most exposed areas on the skin, and the regular use of hands and feet lotion can keep your hands and feet soft and smooth. The best time to use hand and foot moisturizing cream is after the shower, exfoliating and before going to bed. For people with particularly dry hands, it is best to use hand foot cream products each time you wash your hands. To moisturize your hands overnight, apply ultra-moisturizing hand lotion on your hands and wear cotton gloves overnight to keep them hydrated for several hours.

Advantages of BAWEI Hand Foot Care Products

  • Heals dry and cracked skin.Daily cleansing and hand washing will dry out the hands, and in severe cases, the skin may become dry and cracked due to the loss of natural oils and moisture. The hand cream has a thicker consistency and is made with an ultra-moisturizing formula.

  • Repair damaged skin. Choose a hand and foot moisturizer with a powerful repair formula made from moisture-binding ingredients (such as honey, aloe vera, acai berry, glycerin, etc.) to repair damaged skin.

  • It is important to keep the hand moist. If the hand is cracked or hard, soap and alcohol disinfectants will irritate the hand and cause it to not work properly. And when the skin is dry and cracked, you will feel uncomfortable, and in this case, the possibility of washing your hands is also less. Sticking to hand foot cream products on the other hand can also prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. 

  • Exfoliation is the process of shedding dead skin cells to promote the growth of fresh skin cells. Not only the face and body need to be exfoliated, but also the skin of the hands and feet. Use the exfoliating hands and feet lotion that best suits your hand and foot skin type, which make your hands and feet skin smoother and softer.

    BAWEI, a superior body care product manufacturer in China, provides high-quality hand foot cream products for customers to choose from.

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Hand Foot Cream Product FAQs
How often should you apply hand moisturizing cream?

There is no standard for how often a hand moisturzing cream should be used. Some people say they need to use it every time they wash their hands, while some people use it three times throughout the day. The frequency of using hand moisturizer should be based on your skin condition. If your hand is very dry, use hand cream multiple times a day.

When should I start using hand moisturizing cream?

Remember, you must apply hand cream or moisturizer every time you wash your hands, because every time you wash your hands, they will become dry and dehydrated. Before going out of the house, please apply hand moisturizer and then sunscreen. This can delay the aging of the skin of hands.

How do you make old hands look younger?

(1)Protection: Use sunscreen (SPF30 or higher) and reapply frequently. Wear gloves when cleaning for a long time or outdoors.

(2)Moisturizing: Keeping moisturized is the key to combating sagging skin and aging. Use hand lotions or creams frequently throughout the day. This will help your hand skin stay elastic.

(3)Exfoliating: Dry skin is dead skin. Use a simple mixture of lemon and sugar to exfoliate and condition the skin. Then use a hand moisturizing cream to moisturize the hands.

Can you use foot cream on your hands?

It depends on the ingredients. For example, if the foot cream is based on pure natural ingredients, it can be used on the hands or body. If foot care products are based on chemical ingredients, it is not recommended to use them on areas other than the feet. Because the chemical composition of the foot care products may irritate the skin  of the face, hands, and body.

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