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15 Years, A New Era of Bawei

In February 2019, the Bawei Innovation Center & Smart Factory ushered in the foundation stone laying ceremony, which sounded the clarion call for Bawei to move from traditional manufacturing to intelligent quality manufacturing; in November 2020, the country proposed to create an emerging industrial chain and promote traditional industries High-end, intelligent and green.

Back in October 2019, Leng Qunying, the chairman of Bawei, made an important decision: to upgrade the Baowei Testing Center Laboratory to its independent third-party testing organization, Youqin Testing; and in the following June 2020,the state stipulates that cosmetic items efficacy claims should have sufficient scientific basis.

Every step in the past 15 years has been able to accurately "step" behind the wind. Is it the foresight led by leaders such as Leng Qunying and Chen Biao, or is it the support of Bawei's hard core strength and confidence? Let's walk into the scene of the 15th anniversary celebration of Bavi, and walk into the Bavi Innovation Center & Smart Factory, which makes the industry full of curiosity, to find out.

In response to the question that many people are curious about "whether Bawei will be its own brand or not", Leng Qunying said: "Bawei is a brand, and it is a representative of the beauty supply chain brand." With the label of "low difference", Bawei is moving towards the vision of "leader of China's cosmetic items industry".

World cosmetic items look at Baiyun District, Baiyun District cosmetic items look at Bawei

Ma Ya, secretary of the Beauty and Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and founder of China International Beauty Expo, first expressed her warm congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Bawei and the opening of the Innovation Center & Smart Factory. As a female entrepreneur, she deeply felt that it was not easy for Barvey Chairman Leng Qunying to start a business. She said: "For a long time, Barvey has always been at the forefront of the industry, ahead of the trend, and is an explorer of industry transformation and upgrading. , we must give Bawei the strongest support, let the cosmetics of the future world cosmetic items look at Baiyun District, and the Baiyun District cosmetic items look at Bawei.”

Subsequently, Ma Ya, on behalf of the Guangdong Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Industry Association and China International Beauty Expo, awarded Bavi Innovation Center & Smart Factory the "Intelligent Manufacturing High-quality Development" plaque to encourage Bavi's outstanding contribution in leading the high-quality development of the industry.

15 years, Bawei is the epitome of the rise of China's manufacturing industry

Along the way, Agui, the chairman of China Beauty Network and the chief planner of iPDM, who has witnessed the development of Bawei for 15 years, first expressed his warm congratulations on the completion of Baowei Innovation Center & Smart Factory.

On September 27-28, at the "2021 China Beauty Supply Chain Exhibition" jointly sponsored by China Beauty Network and Guangdong Cosmetics Society, after the initial selection on the Internet, the re-selection by the jury, and finally, the CEO of North Bell Fan Zhanhua, Chairman of Proya Hou Juncheng, General Manager of Shandong Freda Jia Qingwen, Chairman of Bawei Leng Qunying, Chairman of Zhejiang Jinsheng Ruan Rongtao won the "2020 China Beauty Industry Chain Person of the Year". This is not only Leng Dong's personal honor, but also Bawei's honor.

Because of the same frequency, so win-win

As the representative of the excellent cooperative brand of Bawei, Li Haizhen, the founder of Doradoshang, talked about the cooperation with Bawei, and summed it up as "because of the same frequency, so it is a win-win situation".

She said that she saw the "reliable" gene in Bawei - a group of reliable people, doing reliable things, relying on technology, taking quality as the core, and helping the high-quality development of the cosmetic items industry. La Dochamp's ideas coincide with each other.

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