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New Starting Point, New Journey: BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory Opening Ceremony Was A Complete Success

The golden osmanthus is fragrant and cheerful. On September 29th, on this sunny day, the opening ceremony of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory, the 4th Annual Meeting of BAWEI in 2021, and the 15th Anniversary Cocktail Party of BAWEI were held in BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory, located at No. 5 Xinbei Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

The beating of gongs and drums resounded to the skies. The lucky lions led to fortunate. At the grand opening ceremony, government leaders, industry representatives, brand representatives and senior leaders of BAWEI gathered together to witness BAWEI's highlight moment!

The sunny morning is about the memory of festive red. The opening ceremony of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory kicked off in the anticipation of everyone. Government representatives of Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park Management Committee, Guangzhou Baiyun District Market Supervision Administration, Guangzhou Baiyun District Development and Reform Bureau, Guangzhou Baiyun District Investment Promotion Bureau, Guangzhou Baiyun District Science, Technology, Industry, Commerce and Information Bureau, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.attended the event; Ma Ya, secretary of the Beauty and Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and founder of China International Beauty Expo, Zhang Jintie, executive deputy secretary-general of the Beauty and Cosmetics Items Chamber of Guo Qingquan, professor of Guangdong Cosmetic Association, Zheng Weidong, representative of Guangdong Cosmetic Chemist Professional Committee, Weng Zhenguo, chairman of Guangzhou Baiyun District Cosmetics Industry Promotion Association, and other industry representatives attended the event; as well as Gui Shaoyuan, founder of China Beauty Network, Peng Rulin, president of Net Red Toutiao Chamber of Commerce, experts and professors from Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, Jinan University, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Korean MISSHA, Dr. Ling, Dora Duoshang, Fan Mi Lin, Guerlain Beauty, Hefengyu, Renhe Ingenuity, Marubi, Berkazi and other brand representatives, supplier partners, and media representatives attended the event; they expressed their warm congratulations on the opening of the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory!

Ms. Leng Qunying, chairman of BAWEI, and Mr. Chen Biao, vice chairman of BAWEI, expressed warm welcome and thanks to the guests. They said: BAWEI cannot thrive without the support and trust of the government, industry and customers. Thank you for coming to the scene to witness this milestone moment.

Leng Qunying, chairman of BAWEI, said excitedly: Since the beginning of the industry, she has seen the transformation of Chinese makeup cosmetic from disordered to standardized to high-quality development, and the market has changed from the absolute share of international brands to the rise of domestic products. In the face of the rapid iteration and the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, condensing brand value, casting product quality, and insisting on high-quality development are the keys to whether supply chain enterprises can seize the trend of the times!

Mr. Chen Biao, vice chairman of BAWEI, also said: introduce makeup cosmetic into the track of high-quality development. Raw materials, packaging materials, equipment, formulation technology, and operators are several key points that affect the high-quality development of cosmetic products. The construction of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory will undoubtedly become a great help to promote BAWEI to a higher quality development stage.

Afterwards, under the ribbon-cutting and common witness of the leaders, guests and brand representatives, the era of BAWEI's intelligent manufacturing was officially opened!

After the ribbon-cutting, awarding and launching ceremony, the internal software and hardware facilities of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory were unveiled under the veil of mystery under the visit of all the guests. Through the on-site visit and understanding, the guests were all amazed at this brand-new beauty industry park that integrates sightseeing, intelligent manufacturing, green environmental protection, and shared office.

New starting point, new journey! Relying on the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory, with the spirit of "intelligent quality manufacturing, high-quality development", BAWEI will provide effective assistance for the high-quality development of the industry! In the 15 years of growth, BAWEI has condensed a set of its own unique service model, that is, through the front triangle research and development, marketing, and products to create reliable services, and the rear triangle testing, customer service, and intelligent manufacturing to create reliable production. The two work together to facilitate product innovation solutions and supply chain solutions.

In addition to the Audio-Technica service, the "300+ efficacy formula library" was another highlight at the conference. In the face of increasingly stringent product filing requirements, BAWEI R&D Center has linked Youzhi Testing, with forward-looking market sense, to create a database of BAWEI Beauty Series 300+ efficacy formula. This formula library involves categories including toners, essences, lotions, face creams, masks (stickers), etc., and the effects include freckle removal, whitening, acne removal, repair, anti-wrinkle, firming, etc. and other effects that need to be tested and reported on the market. With an open and co-creative attitude, we will realize resource sharing, help makeup cosmetic brands to seize the first wave of prescribed dividends, seize market opportunities, and achieve corner overtaking.

In addition, BAWEI Youzhi Testing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Silverfish pro-testing team on the spot to help create reliable product testing by scientific means.

In the speech of Ms. Leng Qunying, the chairman of BAWEI, the 15th anniversary cocktail party of BAWEI pressed the play button. All the guests enjoyed food, wine and music in a fun atmosphere, and wished BAWEI a happy 15th birthday!

After 15 years of deep scouring of the beach and low construction of weirs, BAWEI has become a leader in the industry with its accumulated strength. BAWEI is widely praised by the market for its outstanding strength in innovation, intelligent manufacturing, testing, products and other ports. The grand opening of the Innovation Center & Smart Factory marks that BAWEI will fully enter the era of 5G intelligent quality manufacturing with an open and shared attitude, relying on its own reliable genes and reliable spirit!

At the same time, with the help of the reliable service and reliable production of the front and rear iron triangle forging, combined with the forward-looking ability to capture the trend of the cosmetic items market, we provide customers with accurate and high-quality services, cast safe and reliable quality, and help the high-quality development of brands and industries.

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