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Reconstructing the Intelligent Manufacturing of Chinese Cosmetics, How Did Bawei Make It?

1. The underlying password

In the upstream manufacturing field of cosmetic items in China, BAWEI, founded in 2006, has a history of 15 years. In the past 15 years, BAWEI has always been focusing on and constantly exploring the manufacture of cosmetic items, building its brand, serving hundreds of brands, and providing high-quality products and services for hundreds of millions of consumers. BAWEI has become the industry-leading ODM/OBM customization expert for all categories of beauty products and has become a benchmarking intelligent manufacturing enterprise in China's cosmetic items industry.

Without reliability, there will be no BAWEI, because reliability is BAWEI's original intention. Without reliability, BAWEI would not be able to reach today, let alone reach today's industry height and status. Without reliability, BAWEI will not be able to lead China's cosmetic items manufacturing to the peak of high-quality development. It is by virtue of this that BAWEI has grown in practice and achieved remarkable results.

2. Reliable ACE

(1) Reliable research and development

BAWEI never cut corners on research and development and has truly achieved results with money and hard work.

Adhering to the strategic R&D concept of "1m wide, 100m deep, deep scouring the beach, low weir, intensive research", BAWEI has continuously consolidated the R&D hardware and software conditions in terms of R&D infrastructure, high-quality R&D talents, and management. We have always insisted on solid quality and forged leading scientific research and innovation strength.

(2) Reliable and intelligent manufacturing

BAWEI is reliable and intelligent, moving from "lean production" to intelligent, technological, and automated "smart quality manufacturing", leading China's cosmetic items manufacturing into the digital age. BAWEI laid out early on in terms of digital transformation. In 2019, BAWEI proposed the construction of an enterprise data core and intelligent manufacturing core and established the framework and planning of intelligent manufacturing.

In order to further realize automation, standardized production, warehousing, transportation, improve factory efficiency, and enhance production capacity and management capabilities, BAWEI invested nearly 300 million yuan to establish a national-level R&D laboratory, and high-standard testing center, intelligent production workshop, and modern office. The building and living area are integrated into the BAWEI Minke Park Innovation Center & Smart Factory. Through China Telecom's 5G technology, BAWEI has enabled various factories and equipment to be connected in series, and opened up the processes of customer communication, research and development, production, packaging, logistics, live broadcast, management, safety monitoring, and other links, to "smart quality manufacturing".

(3) Reliable detection

Testing is also a core part of the intelligent manufacturing of cosmetics. Especially after the implementation of national policies, China's cosmetics industry has entered a new era of efficacy evaluation, and testing has become the standard for intelligent manufacturing. To compete with international brands and promote the high-quality development of China's cosmetics industry, reliable testing is indispensable.

With high-precision technology and R&D strength, leading detection capabilities, intelligent quality manufacturing capabilities, and keen insight into trends, BAWEI continues to bring high-quality products with both efficacy and appearance to the market and consumers. For example, Unilever's brand Dove's milk foam shower gel, Lux's Galaxy bath series, bubble series, etc., became popular products once they were listed. BAWEI has innovated reliable products from many aspects and has won the favor and recognition of many brands and customers.

In the past 15 years, BAWEI has looked up at the starry sky, down-to-earth, step by step, engraved a deep imprint on the journey of intelligent manufacturing of cosmetics in China and has also won praise and praise from all parties. Since its listing on the New Third Board in 2016, BAWEI has handed over one dazzling report card year after year and has gradually become one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in China, contributing vitality to China's cosmetic items, and winning pride for China's cosmetics manufacturing. In the future, BAWEI will continue to work hard and continue to move towards the next new height of development.

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