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Bawei and China Telecom: Create a 5g Smart Factory


5G commercial landing has gradually matured and become popular; 5G quickly, which tops the list of new infrastructure. It has attracted great attention from all walks of life. With the practice of 5G application in various industries continues to deepen, Bawei, which is in the head echelon of cosmetic manufacturers, has taken the lead in integrating 5G network into intelligent manufacturing together with China Telecom, and become the first cosmetic manufacturer in Guangzhou Baiyun District to introduce and apply 5G production. It became the first cosmetic manufacturer in Baiyun District, Guangzhou to introduce and apply 5G production.

On March 25, Bawei Shares for the makeup cosmetic and China Telecom Guangzhou Branch jointly held a visit and exchange activities in Guangzhou Telecom Building. Guided by Ms. Wu Aifang, Mr. Lin Jiexin, etc. , who are responsible for China Telecom relevant departments, Bawei Shares' vice chairman Mr. Chen Biao, vice chairman special assistant Mr. Chen Qingyun, vice chairman assistant Mr. Leng Yanchun and other people visited the 5G and Internet ecological base. After visiting and ideas exchanging, Bawei Shares and China Telecom officially signed the "5G smart factory strategic cooperation agreement", marking the opening of the 5G intelligent quality manufacturing era of Bawei Shares!


Ms. Wu Aifang, who is in charge of the relevant department of China Telecom, said: Bawei is a cosmetic manufacturing enterprise with deep deposits, and this strategic cooperation with Bawei is another new attempt of China Telecom in 5G to B business model, applying 5G network to empower the transformation, upgrading cosmetic manufacturing industry, and creating new 5G values in collaboration with different industries.


Mr. Chen Biao, vice chairman of Bawei, believes that the core of intelligent manufacturing is the intelligent factory, i.e. the smart factory. Bawei Minke Park Innovation Center & Smart Factory join hands with China Telecom to fully cover the 5G network, and join forces to realize the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". In addition to the "smart manufacturing" to "quality manufacturing" upgrade, it tries to lead 5G information transformation of cosmetics manufacturing enterprises, multi-dimensionally enhance the speed of Bawei, deepen the implementation of Bawei "985 Project", "863 Plan", consolidate the soft strength of Ba Wei quality manufacturing, and establish a good industry benchmark image.


Mr. Chen Qingyun, special assistant to the vice chairman, said that 5G technology meets the needs of traditional manufacturing enterprises to transform their wireless network applications, for the most core closed-loop management system in manufacturing. 5G can provide extremely low time extension, the most reliable, massive connection network, making it possible for closed-loop management applications to be linked through wireless networks, which is very much in line with the vision of Bawei in intelligent manufacturing. In the actual application scenario, such as personnel management, monitoring of production process, remote maintenance, linkage of various production bases, etc., it can also greatly shorten the working time and reduce labor costs.

Mr. Leng Yanchun, assistant to the vice chairman, said that with the powerful 5G network coverage of China Telecom, the specific application scenarios are mainly the production and operation of each link of the Bawei Minke Park Innovation Center & Smart Factory. In manufacturing, through the intelligent application of 5G, the number of personnel required for an ordinary production line can be reduced from 20 to 5, directly achieving a 75% reduction in labor costs, which will significantly improve labor costs structure, reduce the production line manual intervention, and improve the controllability of the production process. In storage and transportation, the use of 5G network linked AGV trolleys to achieve efficient coordination of production, storage and transportation, saving time and space waste. In enterprise operation, with the help of information technology to open up the various processes of the enterprise, it can achieve interconnection from R&D, testing, cosmetic production, etc., across space and geographical distance. In terms of service upgrade, through the popularization of intelligent production, the production big data is instantly integrated and uploaded to better meet the customers' curiosity about visualization production lines and transparent factories, and to upgrade customer experience services comprehensively.


As the information revolution intensifies, the combination of artificial intelligence and manufacturing system is inevitable, which not only can well improve the ability of factory control management system, but also can make the enterprise get a better shining point in the competitive environment. Bawei Shares will join hands with China Telecom in the 5G era to integrate with the existing scene applications, open its own capabilities, and continue to empower the "artificial manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" transformation, and then to "intelligent quality manufacturing" upgrade, using a strong digital economy drive to create new value for the downstream customer brands.

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