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BAWEI·Youzhi Testing Show Full Strength in the Efficacy Evaluation Era

The open exhibition hall covers an area of 90 square meters, with exquisite and atmospheric style, professional qualification display, professional testing equipment, interesting and vivid experiments, and a variety of attractive, interesting and effective products. The comprehensive display of BAWEI's "Efficacy·Safety·Reliability·Empowerment" attracted many exhibitors to stop and consult, and ushered in overwhelming popularity on the first day of the exhibition.

1. Obtain market opportunities with reliable foresight

If finding suitable products and tracking industry trends were the key goals of many buyers at previous exhibitions, then at this year's exhibition, finding a reliable cosmetics testing agency must be another focus besides these goals. After the policy was implemented, cosmetics have entered the era of efficacy evaluation, and product efficacy evaluation has become a "standard configuration" for every cosmetics brand and enterprise.

In addition, Bawei · Youzhi Testing has an R&D testing laboratory covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, covering all aspects of cosmetic raw materials, efficacy and packaging materials, and has spent huge sums of money to introduce more than 400 sets of high-end precision, professional and advanced large-scale testing equipment, has a high-quality and experienced inspection and testing technology and management team composed of more than 50 professionals, who can carry out inspection and analysis in an all-round, targeted and high-precision manner, and provide customers with cosmetic safety evaluation and efficacy claim evaluation , packaging material evaluation, sensory evaluation, microbiological research, and component analysis, as well as cosmetic registration and filing, regulatory services, etc.

2. Make perfect cosmetic testing 

In this beauty expo, BAWEI · Youzhi Testing focuses on the current hot topics and the industry has been paying attention to, including safety evaluation, efficacy evaluation, regulatory services, detection of prohibited and restricted substances, microbiological research, and evaluation of packaging materials in six major sections The content was brought to the scene to fully demonstrate the high-quality service of BAWEI · Youzhi Testing.

In terms of safety evaluation and efficacy evaluation, Li Shiwei introduced that although these two sectors are the content that the industry and regulations have paid more attention to recently, in fact, BAWEI · Youzhi Testing has developed cell Test, chicken embryo test, fish embryo test and other safety evaluation test methods that are relatively rare in the cosmetics industry, in addition to human skin patch test and human trial test safety evaluation.

In terms of efficacy evaluation, BAWEI has four evaluation methods: human body efficacy evaluation, consumer use test, laboratory test, literature or research data, which can meet the efficacy evaluation of general and special cosmetics. Especially with regard to the 26 kinds of functions in the evaluation of human body functions, BAWEI · Youzhi Testing has also possessed the detection ability for a long time.

In the testing of packaging materials, you can also feel the hard-core strength of BAWEI · Youzhi Testing. Many companies in the industry pay far less attention to cosmetic packaging materials than materials. However, Bawei still adheres to the attitude of excellence. In order to better serve customers, it has also been involved in packaging material testing a long time ago, testing the functionality, compatibility and transportation of packaging materials.

As one of the four trump cards of Bawei, Bawei has formed its own moat early on on the testing side. Li Shiwei said that from the product development stage, Bawei You Quality Testing can start to conduct safety and efficacy testing on ingredients, formulas, and materials. The linkage between the R&D end and the testing end, on the one hand, helps customers find problems in time and adjust them in time, on the other hand, it greatly saves the time for safety evaluation and efficacy evaluation of products during filing. Therefore, in Bawei, high-efficiency cosmetic testing can be realized.

3. The comprehensive "BAwei star products"

With highly competitive products and corporate strength, Bawei's products are favored by well-known brands such as Unilever, HBN, Mishang, Marubi, Dr. Ling, and Fanmilin. At the exhibition site, we can see the bath series jointly developed by Bawei and Unilever, such as Dove Coffee Bath Bubble Series, Lux Intoxicated Galaxy Bath Series and other high-value, high-interest products, which are popular with consumers as soon as they are launched. reader's favorite. In addition, it is understood that in terms of skin care products, Bawei and Unilever have also cooperated to jointly launch the Dove Coffee Cleansing Bubble Series, which has been well received by the market.

Over the past 15 years, while looking up at the starry sky while being down-to-earth, BAWEI has focused on and deeply cultivated cosmetics manufacturing, built a brand moat that cannot be matched by others, served hundreds of brands, and provided high-quality products and services to hundreds of millions of consumers, becoming the industry's leading full-category ODM customization expert. Now, in the era of efficacy evaluation, it is attacking with the far-sighted testing trump card Gravity, strengthening the company's reliable genes, strengthening the concept of "produced by BAWEI, safe and reliable", and constantly challenging new heights.

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