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What Is the "Miracle Cube" Exactly?

The versatile carrier of the Bawei cosmetics brand efficacy magic cube is precisely Bawei's 300+ efficacy formula

In the era of efficacy, customers of Bawei cosmetics brand demand safety, efficacy, and rapid product launch. Bawei cosmetics brand responded quickly by partnering with its third-party testing agency, Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Youzhi Testing). From the more than 6,000 mature and classic formulas validated by the market owned by the company, they carefully selected the "300+ Efficacy Formulas" to form the efficacy formula library.

This efficacy formula treasure trove covers multiple skincare categories such as water, milk, essence, cream, etc., with efficacy involving hydration, anti-aging, repair, oil control, acne removal, whitening, spot removal, soothing, and many other dimensions. It is constantly updated and enriched to maximize customer demands for category, efficacy, personalization, and customization.


In addition, to meet the demands of brand customers for beauty product formula technology, Bawei has also worked tirelessly to incorporate hundreds of patented achievements and various cutting-edge technologies into these efficacy formulas, such as phase-inversion technology, exclusive microbead technology, double continuous phase technology, liquid crystal emulsification technology, etc. They create highly effective and high-value skincare products with higher safety, stronger permeability, better absorption, and more remarkable effects. Multiple efficacies, multiple categories, multiple formulas, multiple technologies, personalized efficacy products are customized according to brand customer demand, just like a cube, freely combined, and with unlimited possibilities. Bawei is an "efficacy formula customization expert" who holds this magic cube.

Bawei cosmetics brand quality testing is a hard-core guarantee of efficacy and safety in the efficacy magic cube

If the "300+ efficacy formulas" are to meet the brand's demands for beauty makeup product technology and efficacy, Bawei·Youzhi Testing's assistance in safety testing and efficacy testing in the rapid launch of new products is to solve the brand's concerns about efficacy evaluation and filing.

Since its establishment in 2019, Youzhi Testing has obtained CMA accreditation certificates, CNAS national laboratory accreditation, cosmetic registration and filing inspection agency qualifications, and has smoothly passed the expansion recognition of human safety inspection of the Cosmetic Registration and Filing Testing System of the State Administration for Market Regulation and special-purpose cosmetic efficacy evaluation (sunscreen, spot removal, skin whitening, anti-hair loss). It is highly authoritative.

In addition to qualifications, Bawei·Youzhi Testing also has a research and testing laboratory covering more than 6,000 square meters, which includes human efficacy evaluation of cosmetics, sensory evaluation, animal alternative experiments, microbial research, testing of banned and restricted substances in cosmetics, etc. It is equipped with more than 400 sets of advanced professional equipment and a team of more than 50 senior cosmetic testing professionals and filing regulatory teams. They have participated in the drafting and formulation of many industry standards, making them highly professional.

The perfect beauty makeup supply chain platform is the bottom barrier of Bawei cosmetics brand efficacy magic cube

Bawei, which integrates professional planning, research and development, testing, and production of cosmetics, has successively built three major production bases, namely Qinghu Production Base, Minkexun Innovation Center & Wisdom Factory, and Conghua Research and Intelligent Production Base (under construction) during its decade-long development. Among them, Minkexun Innovation Center & Wisdom Factory, with a total area of nearly 60,000 square meters, is a new beauty industry park that combines a high-tech product innovation center, a national-level testing center, an internet celebrity live broadcasting base, an intelligent production workshop, and an information data-based office building.

It is understood that Bawei beauty makeup products can achieve an annual production capacity of 400 million cream-type products, 300 million mask-type products, and a daily production capacity of 130+ tons of emulsion. From production planning, quality management, material management, high-efficiency and high-quality production, it implements intelligent quality manufacturing in multiple dimensions.

In terms of research and development, Bawei R&D center not only has a complete and top-notch research and development facility, but also a professional, authoritative, and efficient research and development team consisting of more than 40 senior engineers and over 100 R&D technicians. Based on deep market research, they continue to refine and perfect their research system and continuously cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign institutions and universities to inject strong innovation into Bawei's R&D center.

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