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A Strategic Cooperation Between Bawei and Missha

Ba Wei and Korea's well-known high-end cosmetics brand MISSHA  reached a strategic cooperation and they will join forces to create a market trend of hardcore fantastic products and to give consumers the experience and enjoyment of beauty!


1. The strong cooperation between Bawei and Korean cosmetic brands

The water-sensitive deep makeup remover oil, a makeup cosmetic developed by MISSHA (Korea) and Bawei is based on a dual-continuous phase technology that is rarely found in China and is based on BAWI's artisanal skills, which enables the scientific integration of water-oil ratios. In addition, the emulsification does not turn white.

As a representative brand of Korean cosmetics, MISSHA products are exported to many countries and regions in Asia, Europe and North America, etc. Its product philosophy of pursuing environmental protection and naturalism coincides with the development concept of Bawei's insistence on integrating global quality resources and giving products the best raw materials and the latest technology.

The unique forward-looking creativity and product power of facial cosmetics are the important elements of Ba Wei's reliable gene. Through the strong combination with international top brands such as Unilever, Korea Mystique, Marumi and HBN, as well as the new trendy brands of domestic products, we continue to empower the brand products with the reliable gene and deepen "Ba Wei's products - safe and reliable" in practice. market concept.

2. Bawei cosmetics made a another step forward

On June 21, the main body of the Phase I project of Bawei - Conghua Scientific and Intelligent Production Base was successfully completed, which marked another big step forward in Bawei's new journey of laying out intelligent manufacturing!

With the operation of the innovation center & intelligent factory of Bawei Minke Park, and the successful completion of the main body of the Phase I project of Bawei's 5th largest production base - Conghua Scientific Research Intelligent Production Base, Bawei's layout of the beauty industry will gradually move from "lean production" to "intelligent quality manufacturing", with High-tech, high intelligence to help the industry's high-quality development. Baiyun Innovation Center & Smart Factory will soon be running, which enables another major strategic layout of Ba Wei shares to kicke off...

3. Facial cosmetics MISSHA makeup remover oil debut

Korea MISSHA - new debut

Gentle and complete cleaning for your face

Luxurious skin care in essence


The new product debut - Water Sensation Deep Makeup Remover Oil is a wet and dry makeup remover product launched by MISSHA and Barwell, using Barwell's dual-continuous phase makeup removal black technology to ensure that the makeup removal power is steadily online and the whole face is cleaned off while gently nourishing the skin.

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