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IFSCC Silver Cooperative Unit

IFSCC Silver Cooperative Unit

In 2016, Bawei Corporation participated in the 29th IFSCC Scientific Conference of the International Cosmetic Technologists Alliance as one of the first invited representatives of Chinese cosmetics companies. Cooperative unit (Benefactor), share global cosmetics technology resources, and promote the development of industry technology.

In 2017, at the official launching ceremony of the first Benefactor Day held by IFSCC at the Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou, Bawei Corporation was awarded as the "IFSCC Silver Cooperative Unit for Promoting the Global Cosmetic Technology Development Plan", and became only 12 qualified companies in China. One of the licensed enterprises.

IFSCC is a symbol of the glory of the top scientific research hall in the beauty industry, and it is also the highest indicator for verifying the R&D strength of a cosmetics company. Among the corporate brands awarded this time, the old domestic product "Pechoin" was able to join with its leading position in the Chinese market, and BAWEI has been honored to be included with its unremitting pursuit of excellence and diligent research in the field of research and development for more than ten years! This will become a landmark milestone for BAWEI shares on the stage of international technical exchanges!

In the future, BAWEI will continue to focus on and invest in R&D, continue to consolidate the comprehensive foundation of R&D, strengthen cooperation and exchanges in technology and culture at home and abroad, and with the support and care of the government and industry associations, it will also leverage on the global platform of IFSCC, In-depth exploration and innovation, and move forward in the direction of the first platform for research and development of skin care products in China, and contribute to the promotion of the sharing of global cosmetics science and technology resources and the development of industry science and technology!

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