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Advantage of BAWEI

Face Care Products

  • Made with natural and vegan ingredients without animal testing.

  • Own skincare formula patent in cooperation with international brands.

  • Accept professional testing center to test product effect.

  • Each skin care product has related certificate as customer requested.

  • No irritation, no skin burden, no alcohol, cruelty free

Advantage of BAWEI

Beauty Tips: How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products?

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of skin care products on the market. Various brands have already confused consumers, let alone screening from the skin care products list to find the suitable products. Now let me share with you some tips about how to choose the skin care products that suit you best.


1. Know your skin type systematically

There are generally five skin types: oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. Understanding your skin type is the very first step for the face care products selection.

2. Your age matters

Different age groups have different skin problems and needs. That is why the age also plays an important role in choosing facial care products. So the second step is to buy functional products as per your skin age. For example,  if you are 20-25 years old, the focus of your skin care routine should be moisturizing. So a good face moisturizer or toner is important. If you have acne problems, anti-acne products are also necessary.

3. Figure out the desired effect you want to achieve

Different types of skin care products have different functions: basic hydrating, whitening, adjusting water and oil balance, removing wrinkle, removing acne, removing freckles, etc. You must firstly know what kind of effect you want to achieve, Only targeted use can achieve the best results. Of course, what kind of effect you are expecting from the skin care products largely depends on your skin type and your age. Your absorption of your skin also matters.

4. Know more about the effective ingredients in the natural face care products

After clearly positioning the desired effect and understanding your skin type, you are ready to choose the most suitable cosmetics by knowing more about the cosmetics ingredients. Effectively select those products that contain clinically proven active ingredients, and find out the most effective, the most appropriate and safest cosmetics for your own skin.

Do more with Less: How To Make Your Own Skincare Routine?

What should I use in the morning?

The morning skin care routine is mainly for skin prevention and protection. Your face will be exposed to the outside environment the whole day, so moisturizing and sun protection are essntial steps in the morning skin care. The picture below will give you a quick clue of how to condcut morning skin care:


Step 1:Face Cleanser

Gentle cleansing to wash away the dirt and residue left overnight.

Choose a cleanser with mild ingredients, such as Bawei amino acid face cleanser, and gently massage your face for one minute. Then rinse with clean water.

Step 2:Toner

The stoner serves as a link between the cleanser and the serum, which can nourish the skin, replenish sufficient moisture to the skin, and promote the absorption of subsequent products.

Step 3:Face Serum

Face serum has many active ingredients. With small molecules that have strong penetration, face serum products can intensively nourish the skin.  An antioxidant-based product protects the skin from unstable molecules called free radicals. Vitamin C and E are common antioxidants used to improve texture and firmness. So ladies and gentlemen, please take care. After the age of 25, you had better choose a good facial serum, such as the organic face serum products by Bawei, before the wrinkles to climb on your face.

Step 4:Eye cream

The eyes are the easiest place for the whole face to get age, because the skin of the eyes is thin,and  it is very easy to grow wrinkles and aging. We need to start using anti aging eye products at the age of 20

Step 5:Face Cream

Face moisturizer can not only nourish and repair the skin, but also maintain the moisturizing effect and various nutrients. Gently applying the  face cream, cover your face with your hand to help absorption.

Step 6:Sun Block Cream

Sunscreen can block the tan caused by ultraviolet rays irradiating the skin, and can resist the oxidation and damage of the environment to the skin, and delay skin aging. Select a affordable face sunscreen products and remember applying it all year round!

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FAQs of BAWEI Face Care Products

What are the steps for face care?
  1. First, wash your face gently.In the morning and night, rinse your face water and apply a coin size of gentle cleanser between clean palms.

  2. Apply toner after cleansing your face and before using everything else. 

  3. Apply serum. It is useful in the morning time to apply serum like nicotinamide whitening serum to antioxidants, for the reason that they can protect your skin from damage radiation and ultraviolet. Using moisturizing serum like hyaluronic acid in the night time. Because they can keep your skin from dryness, as the same as the anti-aging or acne treatments. 

  4. Apply hydrating eye cream to your under-eye area. Then gently massage your eyes to make the cream absorbed quickly.

  5. Apply face moisturizer, namely face cream. Because face moisturizer can moisten skin and lock all the other layers of product you've applied.

  6. Last but not least, apply sunscreen. Sunblock for face can protect your skin from UV rays, and signs of aging.

At what age you should build your skin care routine?

As professionals advice that the best time to start take care of the skin should be age 15, the time when blackheads, acne and spots just begin to appear. 

Which skin type is best?

Before using face care products,it is necessary to know what skin type we have:

Normal/dry skin. Choose a face care product that contains deep cleansing and moisturizing cleanser to remove face dirt and oil. Finish with a nourishing mask and serum.And do not too much exfoliating.

Oily skin. Select some deep cleansing and refreshing cleanser, toner,mask,and serum. They can remove excess oils, shrink the pores,reduce the acnes and spots.

Sensitive skin.Do not use exfoliate.Gently cleans the face with soothing ingredients such as green tea or hemp.Hydrating skin is the most daily routine for sensitive skin.

What is the MOQ for face care products?

The quantity differs from the products and packages.

What kind of product certificates do you have?

We can offer many kinds of certificates for our products, such as FDA, CE, MSDS, SGS, etc.

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