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IPDM Exhibition

IPDM Exhibition丨Bawei brings many new products

Original ODM/OBM customization expert Bawei  shares 2020-08-28

Innovative Products Exhibition·September 1~2·T50

The 2020 China Beauty Supply Chain Exhibition (iPDM) and the 4th China Cosmetics International Summit Forum will be held in Guangzhou Bawei International Conference Center on September 1-2. +Industry technology masters, 100+ excellent supply chain companies, and 5,000+ precise audiences are invited to participate in the exhibition every year through directional invitations.

This year, Bawei shares brought 5 major "Balvey Star Research" areas, 18 series, 72 new creative products, unique technologies, and Japanese research results as scheduled, such as the popular "Milk Cover Series" and focus on barrier repairs. The anti-aging "Ceramide Series" and the "Suizenji Cyanobacteria Aquatic Series" specially researched by Japan, etc., have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with a large number of industry experts in the fields of research, production, and sales.

Bawei brings many new products

#Technology Empowerment·Innovative Intelligence#

In the fifteen years of strong growth, Bayway shares has a strong R&D team lineup of 100+ people

, Authorized invention patents 50+ items

, 6000+ models of mature formula

Through strong strength and advantages in technology research and development, and unique insights and ideas in innovative and intelligent manufacturing, it has become the industry's leading cosmetics manufacturer; technology-led, closely following the market trend, and continuously forging strength and improvement in innovative practices Internal strength, use technology to lay a solid foundation, and use creativity to empower products.



Photographed together

The young and girly pink pavilion, the soft and translucent light, the super eye-catching angel wings, and the giant milk bath bubble PLUS that has recently detonated the market...

so, welcome to check in and take pictures together

Photographed together

△Check-in point·Angel's wings

This pair of tangible angel wings is inspired by BAWEI LOGO, which symbolizes BAWEI Wei's creation of healthy and beautiful skin for women and fulfilling the dream of becoming a beautiful life.

Check-in point·Angel's wings

△Check-in point · Milk Pa bottle PLUS+

This giant "milk bottle" is a milk-cap bath bubble from Bawei partner Unilever Dove. Once it was launched in the market, it caused a wave of "milk-caps" and is one of Bawei innovative masterpieces this year.



Star product research and development

Good product made by Bayou

With the blessing of creativity, Bawei has created five star product areas, covering the trendy milk cover series, the Japanese research water series, the ceramide barrier repair and anti-aging series, the ace micro-condensing bead essence series, the top ten creative cleansing series, Oxygen foam water series, explosion water series, disinfection product series...

Star product research and development

-High-end anti-aging-

The repair and anti-aging magic weapon that formulators love

Strengthening, firming, repairing, anti-aging...

Bawei high-end barrier repair and anti-aging series, all anti-aging magic weapons are derived from Bawei technology research and development center, special repair, anti-aging, anti-oxidant skin care ingredients and technical formula support to keep the skin healthy and young!


△Ceramide Barrier Repair Series

-Japan Research Institute-

Fusion of cutting-edge beauty technology and raw materials

The Bawei Japan Specialized Research Series selects Japan-researched, Bawei’s unique high-value and material active particle micro-condensed beads, and the annual output of only 1.2 million tons of Suizenji blue algae essence super polysaccharides to create extraordinary skin beautification effects and make the skin Indulge in a deep dive and replenishment experience.

Ceramide Barrier Repair Series

△Micro-condensing bead essence series

Micro-condensing bead essence series

△Japan specializes in water activities series

-Internet celebrity trendy products-

Product manager's whimsyv

Novelty, fun, unique, creative, high-profile...

The Bawei Innovative Internet Celebrity Fashion Series combines all the whimsical ideas of product managers and designers about " trendy products", trendy concepts, fun designs, unique skin experiences.

-Cleaning Storm-

Ritual sense of beautiful skin cleansing

A super cleansing creative category cleansing storm is ready to go...Bawei's 10 innovative cleansing series, covering essence, mousse, gel, cream, ointment and other formulations, integrating beauty, fun, and efficacy All-in-one, pattern use, perfectly matches the cleansing needs of different people.

Ritual sense of beautiful skin cleansing

More surprises

Welcome to the Bawei Pavilion for on-site experience

Time: September 1-2

Address: Guangzhou Bawei International Conference Center·Eastern Hall T50

We wait for you to appreciate

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