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Shanghai CBE: the "Originality" of Bawei Creative Hall


1. Cosmetic company Bawei made a stunning appearance at the Shanghai Beauty Expo

From May 12 to 14, the 26th Shanghai Beauty Expo was held in the magic city of Shanghai. In the three-day beauty industry feast, Bawei presents its YouQi Testing, R & D technology and Bawei Star Face in a stunning way! It attracted the leaders from Baiyun District of Guangzhou City and many customers on site to visit and consult, and also stood out among many make-up kit exhibitors and won a number of honors issued by the beauty fair!

Different from the previous simple product display, one of the biggest highlights of the Shanghai Beauty Expo-Bawei Pavilion is the new YouQi Testing area and R & D area, which is also the practice of Bawei in application innovation, technological innovation and service innovation based on the implementation of the new cosmetic regulations.

YouQi Testing brought the mini-laboratory to the site. Through the testing demonstration of the chicken embryo chorionic villus allantoic membrane test and zebrafish test, the visitors could understand more intuitively the importance of cosmetic testing on product efficacy and safety under the new regulations.

In the R&D area, Bawei brought its core cosmetic technologies such as D-phase emulsification technology, micro-emulsification technology (double continuous phase structure), micro-coagulation bead technology and liquid crystal emulsification technology to the site, and started technical exchanges with the visitors, and received unanimous praise!


2. Bawei cosmetics took unimaginable creativity to reality

Bawei Star Face's 10 themes, 11 series, 120 + products combined with the scene of the reappearance of the visiting areas, successfully attracted crowds of people vying to enter the museum to learn about them. They also attracted the representatives from L’ORÉAL, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, COGI, geoskincare, MISSHA, NIVEA, TST, Simpcare, CHIOTURE, Natural Melody, Afu essential oil and other cosmetic brands. They came to the museum to experience the products and exchange ideas ...


Behind each artisanal star product, Bawei is supported by rich market data, consumer portraits of each level and the latest industry normative points. They made the product formulations of makeup set and concept designs for different channels and different objects' different needs, striving to meet customers' and the market's needs for product diversification, socialization, personalization, fun, efficacy and standardization and empowering the brand to upgrade the products and layout the market.


The 3-day exhibition has come to a successful end, and Bawei cosmetics company also returned with a good reputation. It would like to extend a warm gratitude to the industry and customer support for Bawei.  Next, Bawei will combine the national, industry trends and their own reality, continue to uphold the spirit of "do products with respect and develop the brand with long-termism, with a reliable gene to empower high-quality development". It will continuously refine the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, consolidate the market concept of "Bawei production - safe and reliable", and strive to achieve the "beautiful Chinese dream"!


Elegance is the premise; specialty is the focus.

In pursuit of uniqueness; empowering with reliability.

Next year, we will continue to surprise you!

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