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What Makes Bawei So Popular in the CBE of Shanghai?

If a keyword is used to summarize the 2020 Shanghai CBE Bawei Creative Products Exhibition, it must be "hot"! During the three-day exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors to the exhibition, and handsome men and women organized groups to check in. The scene was very lively! Representatives of major brands such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Mentholatum, Clarins and Tmall Beauty were also attracted. The on-site staff were very busy, and the products in the exhibition hall were sold out several times.

1. Bawei beauty makeup has created the most fashionable pavilion of Shanghai CBE, the pink is very girlish

What catches the eye is a sweet, girly Bawei internet celebrity exhibition, which is full of ins style with a casual shot. The large area of pink color is not at all greasy, and the soft light is clean and dreamy.


An internet celebrity wall waving angel wings amazes every visitor passing by the exhibition. It has also become a must-visit place for internet celebrities in many fairs! Even representatives of major brands such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Mentholatum, Clarins, and Tmall Beauty have also been attracted and strongly support Bawei. The pavilion is inspired by the LOGO of Bawei, which symbolizes that Bawei creates healthy and beautiful skin for women and completes the beautiful dream of transforming life.

Under the big theme of the era of "Chinese Dream", Bawei also has a specific and subtle "Chinese Dream", which is to cultivate the connotation, through product innovation and research and development, to develop high-quality cosmetic items that are comparable to international brands and truly suitable for Chinese skin. Work hard to realize the dream of "beautiful China" and "beautiful Chinese".

2. Bawei beauty makeup has become a new Internet celebrity on the social platform, and the product classification is detailed, there is always one that suits you

In the Internet information age, "milk cover shower gel", "vibrating eye cream", and "A-alcohol ingredient" quickly exploded on social platforms. They occupy Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and WeChat Moments, and have become popular new Internet celebrities. And the one who succeeded in creating these hot styles is from the ODM/OBM customization expert of the whole category of cosmetics——Bawei. In this exhibition, Barvez also brought a series of trendy products with its own traffic, the ability to carry goods and the attributes of Internet celebrities. Internet celebrity products are selected from more than 6,000 mature formulas accumulated over the past 15 years, and are based on good quality. At the same time, these products have undergone a comprehensive upgrade of packaging material selection, product experience, and technical formula combined with the latest trend research. The appearance is beautiful, interesting and practical. With these products, the company intends to create a new generation of Internet celebrity products!

We believe that there is a category champion on every track that is classified in detail. In order to allow Internet celebrity products to continue to grow and achieve breakthroughs, brands must create new segmented values to find new growth points. Relying on its strong R&D innovation, intelligent manufacturing capabilities and strong supply chain ecosystem resources, Bawei has explored a unique growth method. Starting from the source of beauty products, we began to dig inward, cultivating vertical categories, and developing consumer demand to the extreme.

Just a cleansing category, Bawei has developed more than 100 fine products. Considering factors such as appearance, concept, technology, ingredients, and efficacy, category segmentation and differentiated positioning are carried out, and each distinctive and differentiated product is extended. In a more focused way, help the birth of the next category "Super Unicorn"! Bawei not only meets the needs of the masses through innovative marketing methods, but also helps build the first supply chain platform in the beauty industry and provides multi-dimensional empowerment for industry brands. By deep sharing with other companies and creating a win-win situation, Bawei promotes the beauty industry to move forward in the consumption upgrade.


The VIP negotiating area of Bawei is holding a "Super Ace Plan" meeting to join forces with VIP cosmetics brand customers again. Take the high-end anti-aging as the market entry point, and carry out years of painstaking research with the top team of Japanese experts. We take the unique breakthrough innovative technology as the core competitiveness, precise positioning to meet the personalization, differentiation, customization and internationalization needs of high-end brand customers, help the brand enter the high-end market, and lead the new trend of the market!


Relying on the advantages of its own intelligent manufacturing hard-core factory, Bawei has gathered top scientific research forces and used technical strength to consolidate the foundation of beauty products to provide brand customers and consumers with more creative and high-quality products and services. We hope to realize "to be the leader of China's cosmetics industry and become a respected national enterprise" as soon as possible.

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