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In 2021, BAWEI Shows a New Look

For BAWEI, 2021 is a year of breaking the game and seeking the new changes, and it is also a year of openness and sharing.

The "Tmall: The March of Domestic Beauty Products" report mentioned that the post-70s and 80s favor international big names, while the post-95 generation Z is more willing to pay for high-quality and high-value domestic products. Faced with the different preferences of different age groups, people always say that you can choose one of them and keep using it. But for BAWEI, whether it is the international big name represented by Unilever, Dove, Lux, MISSHA, or high-end domestic products represented by HBN, Prof.Ling, and DORADOSUN, or men's brands represented by SOULMAN and SOLEHE, or baby's brands represented by Little B.Duck, they have all been attracted and become their most important cooperative customers.

Behind this, it is inseparable from the four trump cards of "hard core research and development, authoritative testing, intelligent quality manufacturing, and BAWEI star beauty" refined by BAWEI in 15 years of experience in the field, and it is inseparable from BAWEI's earnest and low-profile efforts in every small link.

With our concerted efforts step by step in the past 15 years, we have finally today's confidence that we can be"chosen" by customers. Now, those secrets that were once unknown have also been revealed for the first time.

▴BAWEI & Unilever series products

Serious BAWEI: Received praise from the Unilever team

Establishing cooperation with Unilever, Dove, Lux, Schnauzer and other teams respectively, and maintaining the frequency of product development twice a year, are all events of great strategic significance for BAWEI.

Behind all these glories is the serious BAWEI team focusing on service night and day for more than a year before the project finally landed.

"In the past, in terms of traditional brands, the work can be implemented in 3 to 5 months, but this time we sent a team of procurement, product managers, R&D engineers, and testing engineers to focus on services. It can take more than a year, which can be described as "torture". But for BAWEI, there is no retreat, because we only focus on the win." BAWEI marketing director Yang Honghua revealed that during the cooperation with Unilever, even in terms of the proposal, there are dozens of product formulas.

In the formula link, waiting for the BAWEI team is another experience. As we all know, the international brands represented by Unilever have very high quality requirements. From each raw material to the fragrance, packaging material, and stability, both parties must check the details one by one.

▴BAWEI·Youzi Quality Testing Packaging Material Laboratory

Li Shiwei, the person in charge of BAWEI·Youzi quality testing, revealed to us that, unlike serving local brands, international brands value the testing of packaging material. In particular, the same is true for the new double-layer milk cap shower gel developed with Unilever. In order to prevent the milk cap layer from leaking, the inspection team conducted hundreds of tests on the packaging materials and pump heads. After repeated revisions and verification, the choice of packaging materials was finally determined.

At present, the whole industry focuses more on "functions, materials" and less on "packaging materials" in testing, but BAWEI with the strategic vision believes that the feeling of packaging materials to consumers is the most direct. The first impression is very important.

As a result, after being upgraded to an independent third-party testing agency in 2020, BAWEI Quality Testing has established a complete packaging material testing laboratory. First of all, it has invested heavily in the introduction of professional testing equipment. What's more, it has also begun independent research and development on automatic equipment for testing packaging materials.

In the end, it fell into the production link, which is also a big test for BAWEI.

Chen Qingyun, the special assistant to the vice chairman of BAWEI, is directly responsible for the production and delivery process. Speaking of the cooperation with Unilever, he said that his deepest impression is the Forecast of the brand team to the product. They are very attentive and responsible for every process control in the new product process. In the progress control, every work is clearly organized with rigorous logic. This model and habit have also become a collaborative spirit of the delivery team.

▴BAWEI production workshop with advanced equipment

A product needs to go through many tedious and meticulous processes from research and development to market launch. Relying on the layout in the 5G field, BAWEI introduced the management innovation BWT model, realized the visual signboard management, and greatly saved the time cost of the brand.

Although the process is very "abusive", the result is very "sweet". Yang Honghua revealed that after the Shanghai Beauty Expo in May, BAWEI and other companies were invited to Unilever to make proposals. The products brought by BAWEI not only flooded two tables but also were decorated with flowers, beads and other small accessories. This intention also moved the Unilever team, and they collectively gave a thumbs up to the teammates of the BAWEI team.

Compared with other top companies, BAWEI may not have the highest performance, but it must be the most serious and hardest. This is a reliable gene revealed in the bones of BAWEI.

The process of cooperating with international big names is also a process of continuous learning and improvement. Yang Honghua revealed that the start of the docking with Unilever in 2019 is an important turning point for BAWEI. The strength and products of BAWEI have not only been affirmed by international big names, but also have been sought after by consumers. After the two-pronged approach, more and more well-known and cutting-edge brands have come to negotiate cooperation, which in turn promotes the optimization of the brand structure.

From "being selected" to active choice, this is the confidence that the serious BAWEI possesses.

Reliable BAWEI: 300 functional formula reserves

With the implementation of a series of supervision laws and regulations such as the "Regulations on Cosmetics Supervision and Administration", the industry has officially entered the era of efficacy and supervision, which means that raw materials and formulas have become particularly important in the entire industry chain.

Leng Qunying, Chairman of BAWEI, said: "Being a reliable person, doing reliable things, and producing reliable products is the foundation of the beauty industry practitioners; BAWEI will make products with awe and create brand with the principle of long-termism, and use reliable genes to boost the high-quality development of the industry."

▴R&D and testing laboratory covering an area of over 6000 square meters

Established in 2006, BAWEI ushered in its 15th year this year. 15 years of accumulation and experience have allowed it to build a powerful database of over 6000+ mature formulas. The so-called mature formula means it has passed the tests of time, market and brand verification.

The formula database is conducive to the screening and compounding of higher-quality formulas, which reduces risks and has higher accuracy. As for the functional formulas that the industry is currently paying close attention to, BAWEI will screen and reserve 300 functional formulas developed over the past 15 years, rely on BAWEI·Youzi quality testing to do the efficacy evaluation in advance, and issue relevant reports for the brand to use at any time.

"The workload of 300 functional formulas is quite large, but it can be said to be a breeze for BAWEI, who has 15 years of formula experience. This also highlights our core advantage. The results of 15 years cannot be achieved within one year, two years, or even three to five years," Yang Honghua said.

Reliable BAWEI will never let brand customers take risks.

Nowadays, BAWEI develops about 200 new products in one year, which are divided into several major sections: immediate landing, advanced layout and long-term layout.

The first product development process is to introduce new products according to the season and is not affected by seasonality, such as cleaning products like deep cleansing water, fragrances, makeup products like lip makeup types, etc., which will be carried out in the form of group proposals, with 12 people in a group, product manager, R&D, technical and marketing personnel. And each team member proposes his own plan. The plans that can be implemented immediately after evaluation by the marketing department will be selected from the existing formula database or fine-tuned and optimized, and the new ones can be completed in a period of about 2 months.

▴30+ senior engineers and 100+ R&D personnel escort hard-core R&D

For projects that are laid out in advance, it will take 3 to 5 months to do research and development to prepare formula reserves for the next quarter or next year.

In the long-term layout section, Yang Honghua revealed that BAWEI is strengthening the layout of the basic research section. At present, BAWEI has a basic research office, and the newly completed BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory is equipped with a natural plant research center and a functional cosmetics research center. In addition, the doctoral workstation and the Hainan planting base are also under preparation. In the future, BAWEI will directly control the raw materials and use special extraction techniques to prepare raw materials.

In the entire R&D side, BAWEI hopes to consolidate the more front-end technology section. "BAWEI is safe and reliable" by no means is just a slogan.

Caring BAWEI: "The iron triangle" strikes to provide five-star service

BAWEI is a factory, but also a brand. On the road of branding development, the caring BAWEI attaches great importance to service and reputation.

In the past, in the process of contacting and negotiating with brand customers, often only the salesperson "worked alone."

However, in many cases, when faced with issues related to R&D, product, market and even testing raised by brand customers, they are unable to give the most timely response and solutions in each section. Based on this, BAWEI puts forward the "iron triangle" service model consisting of business, R&D, and market.

Yang Honghua revealed to us: "Every time we communicate with brand customers, BAWEI will send a small team of 6 people composed of business, R&D, market and regulations, testing, and intelligent manufacturing. In terms of market trends and market data, the team can give the most timely and professional responses and plans."

▴The product presentation area located in the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory

Even if it is only the first contact, the caring BAWEI also hopes to do its best to provide brand customers with five-star service.

This thoughtfulness has not only gained unanimous praise from brand customers but also trained the BAWEI team. Under the team battle mode, everyone works towards the common goal, absorbs nutrition from each other, and becomes more professional. Here, there is no vicious competition, and there is only a community of interests, which is one of the core advantages of BAWEI.

Sharing BAWEI: Helping the industry and seeking common ways of high-quality development

In the wave of the new industrial revolution, BAWEI did not hesitate to bet on intelligent quality.

As early as 2019, BAWEI invested 300 million yuan to establish a BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory with a total area of nearly 60,000 square meters in Guangzhou, which is a new beauty industry park integrating high-tech product innovation center, national testing center, intelligent production workshop and information digital office buildings will also be officially put into operation in early 2021.

It is worth noting that the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory has no walls. This is a platform that is open to the industry and even the whole society. Yang Honghua mentioned: "We hope to build the park into a shared beauty platform, a benchmark 'spot' for everyone who comes to Baiyun District, Guangzhou and wants to check in at the first time."

▴BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory

The sharing BAWEI is first reflected in the sharing of talents with the industry.

Currently there is no independent brand, but with strong R&D and technology, BAWEI hopes to output technical expertise to product managers, so that product managers in the beauty industry can arm themselves with hardcore strength. The meeting room in the multi-function hall on the first floor of the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory will be open to all talents who want to learn and improve technology in the future.

"Many product managers do not have professional backgrounds, but this position will be the key to the high-quality development of the industry in the future. We hope that they have a professional, solid and comprehensive foundation. BAWEI is willing to share and cultivate talents with product development expertise for the industry. Product managers are welcome to come and brainstorm at any time." Yang Honghua said.

Secondly, it is sharing with the brand.

BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory has a sharing office on the second floor, and an internet celebrity live broadcast base on the third floor. These are all open to the brand party for sharing. Product developers and personnel related to live broadcast of brand party can have close communication with BAWEI's technical staff.

Furthermore, it is sharing with employees.

Sharing BAWEI hopes that all parties can profit on this platform. In 2016, BAWEI landed on the capital market and listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. After the implementation of the shareholding system, employees are more willing to work hard for this common cause.

An old employee who has worked in BAWEI for more than 10 years revealed to us that the working atmosphere at BAWEI is very simple. Everyone does things for the sake of doing things. There are not too many interpersonal relationships and gangs. All employees are moving towards the same goal.

This stems from the leadership's wisdom and pattern. The chairman of BAWEI Leng Qunying was once ridiculed as the "poorest" entrepreneur in the industry. With great love, she is not only willing to share, but also willing to invest. We can see from BAWEI's financial reports for many years that, in recent years, BAWEI's investment in research and development has continued to reach 8% to 10% of revenue. Looking at the beauty industry, this proportion is already very high.

▴Located in the corner of the exhibition hall of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory

In 2021, from the serious, reliable, caring, and sharing BAWEI, we have seen a multi-dimensional and different BAWEI, and re-acquainted with BAWEI

The opening ceremony of the BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory with the theme of "BAWEI New Era·Reliable New Journey" will kick off on September 29th. At the celebration site, we will witness the exploration and deep cultivation of Chinese beauty manufacturing companies represented by BAWEI in leading the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, the transformation of Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands.

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