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After 15 Years of Hard Work, BAWEI's New Factory Has Opened A New Era of 5G Intelligent Manufacturing

Over the past 15 years, BAWEI has made continuous breakthroughs and continued to invest in R&D, testing and production. Today, BAWEI has "four trump cards", with strong R&D strength, professional testing institutions, intelligent production conditions, and BAWEIBeauty Series products. BAWEI conveys the development concept of "BAWEI produced, safe and reliable" to the market from multiple perspectives.


1. High-quality and effective products have been deposited in the innovation exhibition for 8 years, and skin care technology has entered the "Space 2.0 era" to support the research and development strength

Today, 5G technology is more used in "high-end" industries such as artificial intelligence and big data, and there are not many entrants in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. On the one hand, it is related to national policy support, and on the other hand, it is also related to the lack of comprehensive strength of upstream cosmetics factories. And BAWEI, which has outstanding software and hardware strength, has taken advantage of its forward-looking strategic vision and has been at the forefront of the development of the cosmetics manufacturing industry. In 2019, it spent nearly 300 million yuan to build an innovation center & smart factory that reflects its "innovation" and "smartness".

It is reported that the total area of BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory is nearly 60,000 square meters. It is a brand-new beauty industry park integrating a high-tech product innovation center, a national-level testing center, an intelligent production workshop and an information data-based office building. That is to say, BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory is a new industrial park integrating "innovation" and "wisdom".

Today, BAWEI·Youzhi Testing has 50+ professional technicians, 400+ sets of testing equipment, 3000+ raw material testing indicators, and 1000+ inspection items. Youzhi Testing has participated in the drafting and formulation of 5 national standards, 25 group standards, and 58 corporate standards. A series of Youzhi Testing achievements have also been widely used in industry testing projects.

At a time when the supervision of the cosmetics industry is becoming stricter, Youzhi Testing undoubtedly provides a guarantee for the safety, stability and effectiveness of BAWEI products. At the same time, Youzhi Testing can also reduce the circulation of cosmetics registration and filing samples, and speed up the launch of products of BAWEI's cooperative customers.

(1) Product side

BAWEI combines its strong R&D, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to create the BAWEI Beauty Series pyramid, covering skin care (high-end skin care), skin care, makeup, font size reduction and other categories. It not only expands its business scope, but also connects with consumers through products, allowing BAWEI to better understand the needs of the market and consumers.

BAWEI Beauty Series fully utilizes BAWEI's R&D and testing capabilities. With excellent product performance, BAWEI has more than 500 high-quality cooperative brand customers, including Unilever, Korea MISSHA, PROF.LING, MARUBI, HBN, DoraDoSun, Renhe Ingenuity, Lafangjiahua, Gialen, SOULMAN, Little Yellow Duck, Lux, Dove and other well-known brands.

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