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Face Serum

Face Serum is a skin care product that can effectively deliver active ingredients to your skin such as vitamins, acids, antioxidants, peptides, natural plant extracts, etc. 

Due to its light weight, liquid texture, organic face serum is the ideal way to get the most benefit from the active ingredients. For those who have the right skin type and want to work harder in their daily work, skin care serum is just an added step. Of course, the better your skin is, the more amazing and perfect your makeup will be throughout the day. This is a simple operation-the fewer problems you need to solve, the less makeup you use. Good face serum helps to make your skin fresh, young and healthy.

Bawei, as a superior face serum manufacturer in China, provides various types of high-quality face serum. You can choose the one that most suits you.

Advantage of Organic Face Serum

  • There is no doubt that the moisturizing face serum can nourish and reduce many skin problems, and it also brings obvious benefits.

  • Increase the use of ingredients containing collagen and vitamin C, your skin texture will be greatly improved, become firmer and smoother, and make your skin look younger.

  • Regular use of organic face serum, especially when natural plant ingredients are used, can brighten the skin and reduce skin spots, scars, pimples and other marks. This is done as a whole, without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • You will find that the pores are reduced and the production of blackheads and whiteheads is also reduced

  • Eye serum also has obvious benefits, reducing dryness, dark circles and fine lines. They are the best choice for bright eyes.

  • Using essence will reduce the symptoms of inflammation, redness and dryness, making the skin look fresh and moisturized.

What is the Best Face Serum Types for You?

Essence, as the name suggests, is the most effective extraction part of the beneficial ingredients to the skin. Compared with other skin care products, organic face serum has a smaller molecule and a higher concentration, which can directly and effectively transport nutrients to the bottom of the skin, and has the effect of nourishing the skin. Therefore, the essence is an intelligent investment. But how to make the money worth it? This requires us to carefully and comprehensively consider the following three aspects of the skin: skin type, age, and the problems of your skin when purchasing essence products.

Step 1: Judge from the skin's type

Essences, like all skincare products, are different from person to person. Different skin types have different needs. Only by prescribing the right medicine for skin care can get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, understanding our skin type is the first step in choosing an essence. As a professional face serum factory, Bawei provides good face serum for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin.


Step 2: Pick by age

In addition to skin type, women of different ages, due to their different skin conditions, should apply different essences. Therefore, we must choose the essence based on age. It is wrong to use the essence too late or too early.

For example,  for the age of 18 to 25, basic moisturizing essence will be enough because the skin collagen is sufficient and the metabolism is strong. But for the age of 35 years, it is more suitable to choose anti-ageing essence face serum with a high concentration of nutrients to deeply moisturize the face skin.


Step 3: Choose according to the skin problems

Dryness, stains, wrinkles... Every girl has different skin problems. According to different skin problems, the essence with different effects can be selected in a targeted manner to deal with these problems and the users can have better skin. For instance, people who have sagging wrinkle problems are highly recommended to use anti aging face serum containing peptides, polyphenol compounds and other ingredients that can help repair the skin. As an excellent face serum manufacturer, Bawei offers face serum for wrinkles, collagen whitening facial serum, anti acne face serum and so on.


Beauty Tips: How to Use Organic Face Serum Properly?

As women get older, both physical and mental stress increase. Staying up late for the long term, as well as work fatigue may lead to more serious ageing and sagging of our skin. Many people begin to pay attention to skincare and maintenance to protect themselves against skin ageing. If you are looking for such kinds of skincare products, essence, also known as an organic face serum, is quite advantageous and should be under your consideration.


In fact, the essence, as the name implies, is to extract the extremely high nutrients contained in the nutrients, which can quickly help the skin to replenish the required nutrients and restore the skin's lustre. But do you know the correct method of using essence and relevant precautions? Let's find out together.

So, how to use facial essence correctly?

The essence should be the third step of your skincare routine.

Wash your face first. Toner is generally used after cleansing. Toner can quickly moisturize the skin and get enough moisture. After rubbing the toner, apply the essence to extract a small part of the essence. Gently pat the face so that the essence is on the face. Absorbed on the face, it can provide sufficient nutrition for the skin, and long-term persistence can improve skin problems.

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FAQ of Face Serum
What ingredients are usually used and what are their benefits?

Vitamin C & Nicotinamide

They are active ingredients for anti-aging and whitening. If you are in the late 30s, it is necessary to use moisturizing face serum. This ingredient can not only build collagen, but also enhance skin immunity and should be used as part of a regular skin care routine.

Hyaluronic acid

It is an excellent way to treat dry skin without using a lot of creams and emollients. Hyaluronic acid can moisturize and hydrate the skin. Amino acids, ceramides, and trehalose also reach the same benefits.


It is essential to protect the skin from stress and environmental pollution. Therefore, oat, green tea and carotene are extracts to use, while berry, and grape seed extracts are other active ingredients.


It is a serum component, which is very suitable for acne-prone skin, while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.


If you are sensitive skin, you need to use an anti-inflammatory serum to reduce redness and inflammation.

How often you should use our organic face serum?

Apply our original face serum at least once a day. Use moisturizing face serum after face cleanser and toner, but before moisturizing cream.

How should I choose original face serum?

You will be surprised that there are many choices available in the serum market, and these choices can bring beautiful skin. However, the best method to find out the right serum for you is to consider two factors.

First, the skin problem you need to solve. Do you want to reduce the fine lines on the face? Or eliminate those dark spots on the nose? Find the essence that meets your needs first.

Second, think about your skin type. If your skin is oily and acne-prone, choose a serum containing salicylic acid and retinol. For mature and dry skin, try using hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Normal skin is good to use with glycolic acid, the latter can trap moisture and keep the skin refreshed and youthful.

Bawei, as a professional face serum manufacturer in China, provides various face serum types for you to choose from.

How can I use face serum for wrinkles?

Original face serum is more effective in treating wrinkles than creams and lotions. There are two reasons, one is its active ingredients, and the second is that they don't have the heaviness that many conventional anti-aging moisturizing creams bring. Therefore, we are looking for ingredients like oxidants, peptides, alpha-lipoic acid, oats, green tea extracts and even distilled argan oil to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The light texture and effective nutrients of the essence can also solve skin wrinkles from the inside (not just from the surface).

Does essence need to be applied in the morning and evening?

Don't need. The original face serum is not recommended for morning and evening use. Generally speaking, young skin does not need to use essence very much. Excessive use can lead to excessive skin nutrition and may cause skin problems. Generally speaking, only people with severe skin conditions need to use serums in the morning and evening to protect and nourish their skin.

Can I use two types of essences in the morning and evening?

Yes. Generally, the essence used during the day is added with anti-ultraviolet ingredients, which can reduce the damage of the sun to the skin to a certain extent, while the essence used at night focuses on nourishing the skin, so both essences can be used in the morning and evening.

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