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Strong Research and Development, Precise Testing! What Is the

A new world of beauty, driven by digital transformation, is slowly unfolding. The traditional batch manufacturing is transformed into customized flexible manufacturing, and the product manufacturing process extends to the pre-sales and after-sales service process. This indicates that the transformation of traditional manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing has become inevitable.

1. The four trump cards appeared together, and the independent pavilion was very eye-catching

The interior of the exhibition hall is divided into exhibition areas such as BAWEI Impression, R&D Strength, Testing Strength, BAWEI Beauty Series, and Intelligent Manufacturing. A product needs to go through the initiation of ideas, the matching of scientific research and technology, product formation, pre-market efficacy filing and testing, and finally how to put it into large-scale production through intelligent manufacturing. Here, we see the entire chain of the beauty manufacturing industry.

Each product has undergone at least 66+ scientific evaluations from raw material screening, formula development, product testing, production and delivery. This is not only the "law" summed up by BAWEI in the past 15 years, but also the ultimate service it provides to brand customers. Therefore, in the Shanghai CBE exhibition hall, BAWEI brought the four trump cards  to the scene, including the front-end research and development of the industry chain, the back-end testing, intelligent manufacturing and the display of finished products of "BAWEI Beauty Series".

2. How "visible" R&D empowers products

BAWEI proposes the slogan of "BAWEI produced, safe and reliable". With strong R&D & testing technology, we will take the lead in opening up new situations and building new core competitiveness in the changing situation of the digital wave.

"As an upstream company, we have always believed that the technologies we master at the supply chain end are closely related to products, and the industry needs us to stand up and empower brands in reverse, so that more practitioners can master beauty and personal care professional capabilities, not just marketing capabilities. "BAWEI Marketing Director Yang Honghua revealed. Compared with products that can be seen and touched, technology is more synonymous with "unreal" in people's minds. In order to present the R&D & testing technology more vividly this time, BAWEI has really put a lot of thought into it.

Mr. Bi, R&D engineer of BAWEI, showed us the D-phase emulsification process. Mix water, polyol and surfactant/emulsifier, slowly stir and add oil to form a viscous O/D, and add water phase after dropwise addition to achieve an emulsion with smaller emulsified particles. When applied to the hands, the skin feel and absorption speed are further improved than traditional beauty and personal care.

3. Reliable testing enables high-quality development of brands

Based on this environment, Youzhi Testing, an independent third-party testing agency under BAWEI, which was upgraded as early as 2019, made its debut in the form of a hall within a hall, and was equipped with relevant professionals to carry out a "small class on regulations".

As one of the few face serum manufacturer in the industry that takes the lead in extending the service chain to the back-end links such as product filing and efficacy testing, BAWEI Youzhi Testing not only provides a "green channel" for brand customers, but also empowers the high-quality development of the brand with reliable genes, leading the skin care products industry to become standardized and refined.

4. 100+BAWEI Beauty Series theme explosion products are full of creativity

BAWEI has a reputation as a "trend player" in the industry. In addition to hard-core technical support such as R&D & testing, its performance in product creative design is also very dazzling.

Among them, BAWEI & Unilever Dove's Zhizhi Peach Peach Bath Bubbles once set off the trend of "milk cap bath" in the market. The Lux Intoxicated Galaxy Bathing Series, jointly launched by the two parties for the second time, has swept the young consumer market with its high-value appearance and fun and practical sense. Once it was released, it sold out in the live broadcast room. The retinol essence milk launched in cooperation with the cutting-edge brand HBN incorporates the micro-bead technology researched by BAWEI. The strong retinol essence and the visible and efficient experience have enabled the skin care products brand to win the "Top Brand of the Year" and "Super Ingredient of the Year" awards at the 2021 Tmall Golden Makeup Awards.

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