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Breaking Boundaries with Refreshing Cleansing 2.0: Innovative and Nourishing Skin Care

Modern urban pollution, long-term coverage of facial cosmetics, and the secretion of sweat and oils from oneself can all have a significant "skin-hazard" effect!

Facial cleansing skin care products become part of the nationwide skincare movement?

As the third-largest market in the skin care products, facial cleansing has become an indispensable step in the nationwide skincare movement with the popularization of skincare awareness.


In the era of facial cleansing skin care products 2.0, breaking the boundaries is urgent

Many consumers believe that the method and product of facial cleansing are crucial to skin health. Therefore, they have their own preferences for the strength of cleaning. With the gradual segmentation and continuous upgrading of demand, the facial cleansing 2.0 era will face higher challenges, not only to adapt to the segmented market and balance between mildness and cleanliness but also to provide a comprehensive experience of skin touch and foam before, during, and after washing.


Bawei Rice Facial Cleansing skin care product innovation

In response to consumers' more "demanding" facial cleansing requirements, natural and safe ingredients that promote the harmony of cleansing and nourishment have drawn attention. Bawei, a company that has been deeply involved in the beauty industry for 16 years, has focused on rice essence and inspiration, drawing on the achievements of rice in various types of cleansing products for millennia. They have created and developed a new texture of rice milk-like face cleasner, which brings a warm, comfortable and clear cleansing experience to the skin.


With the essence of multiple types of rice and fermented rice bran filtrate, which balances the skin's micro-ecology, rice bran oil nourishes and moisturizes, and hydrolyzed rice protein moisturizes and makes the skin sparkle. The innovative rice milk-like texture is soft and smooth, and water-moistened without tightness.


After multiple adjustments and observations by the research and development team, the multiple changes of rice milk-like facial cleansing milk have been discovered: before foaming, it is flexible and rice-like; when water is added, it is light and silky; after foaming, it is fine and thick; when cleaning, it is transparent and comfortable.

The fragrance of rice is pleasant and relaxing. The light fragrance of rice is like being in a rice field in the midst of facial cleansing, bringing body and mind comfort. Enjoy the peace of mind wrapped in the fragrance of grains!

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