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Lip Makeup

Lip makeup is an important part of the entire facial makeup. A pair of charming lips is very attractive and plays a vital role in making you look attractive and beautiful. The color used for lip makeup needs to be chosen very carefully. Bawei's lip makeup products have a variety of choices, so you no longer have to worry about how to choose.

Features of BAWEI Lip Makeup products

  • Color Change Lip Balm:

These products are basically lip balm with a moisturizing effect, but they add some colors to change the color according to the pH and temperature of the lips. They give the most natural hue. This is perfect for dry winter lips.

  • Non-sticky Lip Gloss

Lip gloss brings instant shine and unlimited charm to your lips. Lip gloss is made with a liquid and highly pigmented formula that lasts longer than lipstick and does not stick to the cup. BAWEI Lip Makeup provides up to 30 color options: from nude to purple. It is suitable for bare lips or applied lip makeup (use lip liner alone or lip liner plus lipstick combination). It can be applied using a tube with its own applicator or lip brush.

  • Matte Finish Lipstick

Do you need a quick way to make your makeup look trendy? Feeling  confident to use matte lipsticks in a variety of colors with a full matte effect. They show no signs of flickering. They are rich and dense in color and last longer than most other lip products. They also provide maximum coverage, but have a slight drying effect on your lips because they don't have much moisture.

  • Water Lip Stain

Lip stain is the latest in the lip makeup series. They are water-based formulas and do not contain oily substances. They have fast-drying properties, long lasting makeup effect.They are also used as cheek brush. Available in 6 Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan shades.

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FAQ of Lip Makeup
What is the best color for every occasion?

Nude lipstick is the main lip product in your cosmetic bag. No matter what occasion you are in, you can use nude lips to create a charming and beautiful makeup. Whether it is a work meeting, or attending parties and appointments, nude lips are the most popular and loved by everyone. It can be blended into various makeup for different occasions.

How to Use a Lip Stain or Tint?

(1)Remove the dead skin on your lips

First, you want to make sure your lips are soft and smooth. Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells so that the lip stain can be applied evenly.

(2)Apply lip balm

After exfoliating, it is important to restore the moisture of the lips. Lip balm can be used to moisturize the lips.

(3)Apply lip stain

How to remove lip stains?

So, what do you do when you want to remove lip gloss or stains when you get home? Use oily makeup remover or makeup remover, such as BAWEI's makeup remover. Apply the cream directly on the lips and gently massage it to remove it. It's very simple!

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