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2019 Shanghai Pudong Beauty Expo

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2019 Shanghai Pudong Beauty Expo

This is a gathering of 600+ industry leaders!

This is an international science and technology event gathering the world's top forces!

This is a global cutting-edge, globally shocking innovation results conference!

China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE)

China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE)

One of the world’s three major exhibitions, focusing on the international trade platform of the beauty, cosmetics and personal (home) care products industry chain. It will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 20-22, 2019. The exhibition area will reach 280,000 square meters. Bringing together the innovative products of more than 4,000 exhibiting companies from more than 40 countries and regions, extending the industry to expand and develop a high-quality platform for industrial development and commerce.

Create a creative pioneer in the skin care industry, and set off an upsurge of stunning artisan products! We are waiting for you at N1A08, Area A, Hall N1.

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In this digital age, diversified needs such as workplaces, making friends, and personal pleasure have made people pay more and more attention to skin protection, nourishment, and beauty. While the market is expanding rapidly, consumers have also put forward new requirements for the choice of skin care products. Industrial upgrades, service upgrades, and consumption upgrades are bringing a strong impact on the industry. In the tide of this era, what are the key innovation trends in China's skin care market?

As a pioneer in the field of personal care products OEM/ODM, Bawei Co., Ltd. achieves the ultimate creation of beauty through in-depth scientific research through precise grasp of consumer demand, integrates the differentiated positioning of various channel brands, and concentrates on creating diversified innovative categories as a brand. Product upgrade empowerment, empowering consumer demand upgrade!


Bawei shares

Bring 5 major trend categories

18 boutique series

84 sharp knives

Craftsmanship, stunning appearance

Next, take three minutes

Take you to know the most special us

2019 Shanghai Pudong Beauty Expo

(Bawei Stock Exhibition Hall)

Professional sub-categories accelerate penetration

Cross-border IP explosions drive new growth

With insight into the huge market potential of the five major trend categories of health, light medical beauty, ingredients, trend models, and skin care equipment, Bawei shares product innovations based on segmented target groups, functional positioning and scene needs, and unique skin care solutions to meet more individuality consumer demand.

Each step

It's all gorgeous

we believe

Discover beauty with heart

Use technology to create beauty

Come to the scene, we will take you to start a new way of skin care

(Some featured products)

Some featured products

Immediately wake up vitality-consultant Rose series

Skin is not enough to "snatch the spotlight"? The Rose series of consultants are arranged in C positions everywhere. Improve dryness, roughness, and fine lines from the root cause, so that pores can be tightened naturally.

Immediately wake up vitality-consultant Rose series

National small ampoule-opening the skin's high energy moment

The compact packaging can meet various special needs such as work, travel, travel, etc., so that the skin can reach the best condition in the shortest time, which can be called the "first aid station" for the skin.

National small ampoule-opening the skin's high energy moment

"Restart" Young Skin-Japan Aquatic Series

Researchers from Shiseido, Japan, tailor-made for Asian skin, using a unique dual-phosphorus membrane + amphipathic amino acid double lock emulsification technology to create elastic and moisturizing skin.


Skin invisible protection-3C double-layer sunscreen

The full-spectrum 3C care solution effectively blocks uv, brings deep moisturizing power to the skin, reduces the risk of skin tanning, and supports the "protective umbrella" for the skin.

Skin invisible protection-3C double-layer sunscreen

Unlock new texture skin-base makeup series

Don't be afraid to take photos up close. The thick sponge brush head designed imitating the beauty egg has a refreshing and sticky feel. The addition of inositol can effectively balance the oil secretion, making the makeup effect more durable and not easy to take off.

Unlock new texture skin-base makeup series

Your skin management expert

Health, medical beauty, and ingredients are all on the battlefield, customized high-end skin beautification solutions, with genetics, genetic skin care and high-tech ingredients perfectly collide.

Your skin management expert

Anti-"Black" Alliance-Mask Companion

How to give substantial changes to the skin? Bawei V-C serum has passed the scientific authoritative safety and efficacy verification. All the effects are based on data. It is affirmed by the medical community and recognized by market consumers. It integrates whitening and lightening, firming and anti-aging, diminishing scars, and resisting light damage.

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Anti-"Black" Alliance-Mask Companion

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