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The Creative Exhibition Hall Is very Popular and Has Won Awards from the Industry! Reliable BAWEI Shines at Beauty Expo!

1. The independent creative museum is very popular

At this exhibition, the BAWEI cosmetics brand made a high-profile appearance in an outdoor independent exhibition hall of 248 square meters. With the color combination of pink cardamom red, vibrant orange, and simple and elegant white, the pavilion is very eye-catching. At the entrance, BAWEI has created a super eye-catching high-value flower art net red punch-in wall. Entering the interior, there are multiple interesting check-in points combined with product scenarios.


In addition to the regular layout of products, negotiation, punching and other exhibition areas, BAWEI also added BAWEI impression, intelligent manufacturing, cooperation cases, testing strength, R&D strength and other sections in the exhibition area.


In particular, Youzhi Testing, a subsidiary of the BAWEI cosmetics brand, made its debut in the form of a "Gallery within a Pavilion". Youzhi Testing displays and holds small testing experiments with formal and authoritative qualifications and advanced technical testing equipment. It demonstrated BAWEI's excellent strength and Youzhi service in technology research and development and testing.

BAWEI's R&D engineers demonstrated the core technologies of BAWEI, such as D-phase emulsification technology, micro-emulsification technology (two-continuous phase structure), micro-bead technology and liquid crystal emulsification technology. The engineer also carried out the pump head and torque test of the packaging material, the in vitro test of the whitening effect (cell method), the chicken embryo test and the fish embryo test, etc., which vividly and intuitively demonstrated the various testing items of BAWEI. It is understood that this is also the first public appearance of BAWEI's detection technology and R&D technology.

In the interactive area in the BAWEI pavilion, BAWEI also set up a small classroom for regulations and was equipped with professionals to interpret policy points and trends for exhibitors. BAWEI empowers the brand with professional enhancement.


In the product display area, BAWEI relied on the Beauty Series pyramid model to bring ten themes, 11 series, and 120+ innovative products. In the theme of BAWEI's best products, micro-droplet essence, anti-aging double treasure, nano-eye mask, etc. using BAWEI's core patented technology were displayed. Such products are also unique to BAWEI, with strong differentiation or technological innovation.


2. Four reliable trump cards have won industry awards one after another

As the benchmark of China's beauty industry and the leader of ODM/OBM in all categories of beauty products, BAWEI has always adhered to high-quality development and continued to provide customers in the cosmetics industry with reliable services such as professional planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, testing and filing, and cosmetics business.

In order to keep up with the trend of the digital age and realize "lean production" to "smart quality manufacturing", BAWEI invested nearly 300 million yuan and joined hands with China Telecom to establish BAWEI Minke Park Innovation Center & Smart Factory. Through 5G technology, automation, standardized production, warehousing, transportation, etc. are realized, which greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency of enterprises.


Relying on strong R&D strength and 6000+ mature formulas, BAWEI has created a safe and reliable BAWEI Beauty Series pyramid product model with its own market genes from four dimensions: powerful products, innovative trendy products, high-efficiency products, and ingenious products. BAWEI continues to provide customers with high-quality explosive products with both efficacy and appearance.

Four reliable trump cards that refer to leading R&D capabilities, excellent testing capabilities, intelligent manufacturing and the BAWEI Beauty Series pyramid) build BAWEI's reliable genes. Reliable products + reliable "one-stop" service from product to testing make BAWEI widely praised by customers, and also recognized by the industry.

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