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BAWEI, as a professional makeup remover manufacturer, provide some suggestions based on skin type and makeup type. 

As we all know, after returning home every day, you need to remove makeup and clean to keep your skin healthy (and avoid problems such as acne and blackheads), but not all makeup removers are convenient to use. Some of the inefficient makeup remover require you to scrub your face first to make the long-lasting eye makeup less stubborn. But the makeup remover balm is very powerful, as long as you gently wipe the paste onto the lashes, the mascara will melt. There is an excellent choice of makeup remover and cleanser that are very suitable for removing waterproof eyelashes-make-up remover. The subsequent wet wipes and micellar water can help you reduce the concerns of clogged pores, skin allergies and countless other skin care problems-while giving your face a new look. BAWEI, a trusted makeup remover supplier, would provide you with satisfied makeup remover wholesale. If you are interesed, please contact us for more information.

Makeup Remover Wholesale Types

BAWEI is a professional makeup remover manufacturer. There are three types of our makeup remover wholesale.

  • Micellar water

Micellar water (makeup remover water) is suitable for all skin types whether you are normal, sensitive, acne-prone or dry skin, you can use it. The components in gentle cleansing water helps remove dirt and impurities without drying the skin. It can not only remove dirt, oil and cosmetics from the skin, dissolve them, and leave a moisturized skin. Therefore, deep cleansing water is suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to being lightweight  and not greasy, it does not contain alcohol, fragrance and para-hydroxy Parabens.

  • Makeup remover balm

If you prefer the ultra-moisturizing properties and melting feeling of vegan makeup remover balm, then this one is suitable for normal, oily, combination and dry skin. Thanks to the ingredients such as plants, the balm can make the heaviest makeup dissolve instantly, and moisturize the dry skin at the same time. Bawei, as an excellent makeup remover supplier in China, provides rose fragrance cleansing balm which can gently exfoliate, and while moisturizing, keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

  • Makeup remover wipes

For those who are on travel, they tend to choose portable makeup remover products. And makeup remover wipes have become the first choice of the public. The use of special technology makes the wet wipes full of makeup remover essence, making it more convenient for travel backpackers to use. Makeup remover wipes are also very gentle and contain soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera and other plant ingredients. In addition, they are non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and alcohol-free, so they are suitable for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin.

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FAQ of Makeup Remover and Cleanser
How do you remove makeup if you don't have makeup remover and cleanser?

(1) You can use oil to remove makeup. Use coconut oil or olive oil to remove eye makeup. The trick is to use it sparingly. Put a few drops on a cotton pad, and then gently wipe the eyes and lips to remove makeup.

(2) Use petroleum jelly to remove makeup. It helps to dissolve makeup and can be used safely and gently around the eyes.

(3) You can also use common moisturizing cream to remove makeup. Just like oil, but use this product to avoid eye irritation.

(4) Baby smooth oil can also be used to remove makeup. Use a cotton ball or cotton pad dipped in a few drops of oil to wipe to remove makeup.

What is the best makeup remover for sensitive eyes?

For sensitive skin, especially the skin around the eyes, choose a mild eco friendly eye makeup remover. Among them, make-up remover cream is the most suitable.

Can you remove makeup with face wash?

You can follow up with regular facial cleansers, but this is not recommended, because most bulk facial cleanser doesn't deeply remove makeup and impurities. Deep cleansing water and vegan makeup remover balm will remove makeup and debris like a magnet.

How do you remove mascara without makeup remover and cleanser?

(1) Milk or yogurt can effectively remove eyeliner and mascara. Milk can be used to moisturize the skin and remove stubborn products. First dip the cotton ball in milk (or yogurt). Gently wipe the eye area with a cotton pad. Until all mascara is removed, rinse with warm water at the end.

(2) Baby wipes can be used instead of traditional wipes because they are gentler and more suitable for sensitive skin.

(3) If there is no makeup remover and cleanser, you can use a mild organic baby body lotion suitable for sensitive skin. It is an excellent alternative to traditional cleansers, which are usually rough and dry. It is designed to be gentle on the skin, so that you will not be unnecessarily irritated when removing the mascara.

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