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Ice and Fire Dual-effect: Explore the "Mud" Purifying Mask Method


In this era of "no skincare without cleansing," pore cleansing has become the focus of new skincare. Skin "constipation" is no longer a novelty.

Congratulations when you find that your skin is greasy, with blackheads and dullness, and all kinds of expensive essences and effective moisturizers cannot be absorbed. You have successfully achieved "skin constipation"! To quickly get rid of "skin constipation," what you need is not expensive skincare products, but periodic deep cleansing!

When it comes to professional skin care product deep cleansing, the first thing that comes to mind may be mud masks. With super strong adsorption and cleansing power, mud masks can deeply cleanse the skin, dredge the skin passage, prevent pore blockage, and relieve skin "constipation".

There are countless types of mud mask skin care products on the market. How to choose is the key?

Traditional mud masks that mainly use minerals such as bentonite and kaolin as raw materials have too high mineral content, which leads to excessive cleansing, damages the skin barrier, and causes "burning," "acne," "peeling," "sensitivity" and other adverse skin experiences.

Charcoal powder mud masks that mainly use activated carbon as the main raw material require extremely high requirements for research and development processes to create perfect cleansing effects. If the process is not right, it will exacerbate skin "constipation".

The Bawei research and development team delved into the technology and innovative formulas, broke the traditional mud mask concept, and launched the Liquid Crystal Cleansing Original Mud Mask, which combines the "mud" therapy of ice and fire dual-effect purification to hit the pore-clearing era and create a moisturizing cream-like skincare-grade mud mask.

The key to cleansing with Bawei mud mask skin care products

"Dual mud" skin cleansing, technological maintenance, all-green matching

  • Scientific ratio, "ice and fire" dual-effect, create strong skin cleansing energy;

  • Ice – the Mendenhall Glacier mud: rich in minerals and trace elements, effectively dissolves deposited oil and old keratin;

  • Fire – Moroccan volcanic mud: rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and other beauty-enhancing trace elements, super strong cleansing, oil control and convergence.

Soft and comfortable, refuse tightness and dryness

  • Liquid crystal emulsification technology creates a delicate mud-like texture;

  • The cream-level comfort, excellent ductility, and easy cleaning without tightness;

  • Plant moisturizing ingredients such as dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and rice bran oil, nourishing the skin.

Bawei mud mask skin care products gently cleanse, with no fear of testing positive for harmful ingredients

  • Free of acne-causing ingredients, PEG, ethanol, fragrance, etc.;

  • Tested on chicken embryos and patched on human skin to ensure no irritation or adverse reactions.

Now, do you know how to choose? If you still have some confusion, it doesn't matter! Personalized skin segmentation customization solutions can accurately find various types of skin-specific cleansing methods. Don't miss it!

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