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300+ Functional Products Effective and Anti-aging

With the gradual implementation of various policies and rules for cosmetics, it is the general trend that the requirements for product listing and publicity become more and more stringent. Faced with various strict requirements such as product efficacy publicity must be based on evidence, and product listing filing must have certificates that can be checked. Do you already have enough confidence to seize the first wave of policy dividends while fighting head-on?

1. Urgent to meet the needs of customers and meet the needs of the market

BAWEI Biotechnology linked with Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd., relying on more than 6,000 mature formulas in the R&D center, through human efficacy testing, sensory evaluation, cell testing, banned and restricted substance testing, microbial testing, etc., to create a reserve library of BAWEI star beauty and efficacy products, covering firming, anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening, anti-acne, soothing and other popular functions, including essence, water, milk, cream and other commonly used textures, to provide customers with more comprehensive functional formulas and dosage forms to help natural skin care brand products speed up the listing, grab policy bonuses, and achieve overtaking on corners!

2. Insight into the trend and keep up with the market

According to Euromonitor data, China's anti-aging market will reach 64.6 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for 28.8% of China's skin care products market share, and will soon surpass hydration to become the largest category of skin care products; When choosing anti-aging products, firming and anti-wrinkle are the first choice for consumers to claim efficacy, and the actual efficacy of the product has also become the primary focus of consumers when choosing anti-aging products.

Based on such market trends and consumption hotspots, combined with policy requirements, Bawei, under the guiding ideology of "co-consultation, co-creation, and sharing" resource sharing, integrates its own R&D and testing advantages, and launches a series of natural skin care products with anti-aging effects, focusing on firming and anti-wrinkle skin care effects, such as anti-wrinkle and firming essence milk series formula, anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle firming micro-emulsion formula, firming and elastic micro-emulsion formula, micro-bead firming series formula, polypeptide firming and anti-wrinkle series Formulas, etc., covering water, milk, and essence dosage forms, use hard-core research and development combined with authoritative testing to prove the efficacy of products, and help quickly go to market!

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