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How Do I Select Skin Care Products that Really Work

Today, we are offered more and more options when choosing skin care products. How to select the ones that really work is the very first and important things during the whole process of our skin care.

1. Fully understand your skin type

Generally speaking, there are five types of skin type:

Oily skin: Large pores, strong oil secretion, shiny face with acne potential.

Dry skin: Small pores, dry and tight, easy peeling, fine lines are more obvious.

Normal skin: Normal skin is the best state of the skin, no acne, no dr, no oil, no allergies.

Combination skin: Unbalanced oil and water, oily T-zone on the face, but dry cheeks.

Sensitive skin: The stratum corneum is thin, easy to be red and swollen, and allergic after applying irritating skin care products.

By combining the features of each skin type and the actual conditions of your skin, it won’t be difficult for you to know your own skin type.

2. Age is one of the determining factors

Users at different ages have various requirements and appeals on the respect of skin care. Therefore, it is not only scientific but reasonable to choose skin care products based on your skin age.

15 years old, emphasis more on cleansing and oil control: mainly prefer refreshing skin feeling,to avoid the strong oil secretion caused by puberty, no need too much nutrition. Some refreshing lotions containing oil control ingredients should be used.

20-25 years old, the focus of maintenance is to replenish water, and replenish water. If you have acne, use some anti-acne products.

25-30 years old, need to use some high-nutrition and high-moisture skin care products to ensure that the skin has enough nutrients, in addition, eye cream is also necessary. You can choose BAWEI, one of the professional eye cream manufacturers.

30-35 years old, skin ages faster. Only moisturizing is not enough. The key point is to replenish nutrition. Choose anti-wrinkle products containing collagen and do not forget to replenish water.

After the age of 40, while hydrating, use high-nutrition wrinkle products to maintain the vitality of the skin.

3. Intended effect you want

Different types of skin care products have different functions. Before selecting skin care products, you should ask yourself what effect do you want to reach through the products and what does your skin really need. Brightening, despeckling, anti-acne or just basic effect, this is what you need to consider.

4. Know more about effective ingredients

If you have fully known your skin type and the desired effect you want, you are ready to choose skin care products by telling and screening the cosmetics ingredients.

The identification of the cosmetic ingredient list has the following rules:

(1)The identified ingredient names are sorted according to their percentage in the formula from high to low, that means the fronter the ranking, the higher the content of this ingredient in the cosmetic.

(2) For the ingredients whose content is less than or equal to 1% in the product, they can be arranged in any order after the ingredients whose content is higher than 1%.

(3) Although the flavour is a mixture of various spices, it is only regarded as one ingredient in the formula table, marked with the word "fragrance", and is shown in the ingredient list in the order of percentage along with other ingredients.

(4) Pigments are generally marked with the number (ie index number) of the colorant, such as "CI73015". If there is no number, the English name of the colorant can be used, such as "Pigment Yellow".

It can be seen that the ingredients ranking does not indicate their importance. For example, water and some other substances such as glycerin and butylene glycol, which are commonly used solvents. In addition to their basic moisturizing effect, more importantly, It helps to disperse and dissolve the active ingredients in cosmetics, and help these active ingredients come into contact with our skin or hair,they play an important role. The content of many active ingredients may be not as high as water, and they are ranked after water in the ingredient list, but they are an important factor in the effectiveness of cosmetics.

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