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Bawei Strikes Again with Another Stunning Move!

2021 has put numerous skin care manufacturers on a new development path. Guangdong Bawei Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Bawei) held the Bawei New Era·Reliable New Journey celebration activity in the Baiyun District, Guangzhou, showcasing Bawei's strength and responsibility as a leading enterprise in China's skin care manufacturing industry, as well as sharing their experiences in cooperation with Unilever for the first time.

Bawei's 15-year journey of high-quality development

2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Bawei. This year marks Bawei's 15th anniversary and the newly built innovation center & smart factory, which Bawei invested nearly 300 million yuan in, was put into use, ushering in a grand opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony of the innovation center & smart factory, Bawei's Chairman, Leng Qunying, was particularly excited. She stated that, since she entered the industry, she has seen the transformation of China's personal care skin care industry from disorderly to standardized to high-quality development, as well as the transition of the market from absolute market share captured by international big brands to the rise of domestic brands.

The Iron Triangle inspires Bawei's reliable genes

Improving the competitiveness of enterprises and optimizing enterprise services ultimately aims to help brands develop. Bawei has been continuously building a research and development system, product line, testing system, and intelligent manufacturing system based on their reliable genes. To further assist brand development, Bawei also showcased its unique "Iron Triangle" at the Smart Manufacturing Annual Conference, fully demonstrating the innovative spirit and reliable culture of Bawei personnel.


Overall, Bawei adheres to the enterprise standards of national standards that are stricter than industry standards, continuously reserves a variety of innovative products at the product level, actively participates in the development of 5 national standards and 25 group standards at the research and development level, provides genuine testing reports at the testing level, and seamlessly connects research and development, production, testing, and record filing to achieve efficient and speedy product filing and listing at the production level.

Creating a library of 300+ effective product formulas

In addition to the Iron Triangle, the creation of a "300+ effective product formula library," proposed by Bawei at the Smart Manufacturing Annual Conference, attracted great attention from attendees and became one of the biggest highlights of the conference. To grasp the first wave of dividends brought by the policy, Bawei chose to establish a library of 300+ effective formulas to help brands reduce the time to market, avoid increases in production costs due to uncertain effectiveness during testing, and achieve efficient and speedy product filing and listing.

Over the past 15 years, Bawei's extensive database and the effectiveness testing reports provided by its Bawei Quality Inspection have solidly backed the construction of the 300+ formula library. Currently, the library covers categories such as toner, serum, lotion, face cream, facial mask (sheet), and covers all the effects that need to be tested on the current market, including freckle removal, whitening, acne removal, repair, anti-wrinkle, and firming.

Sharing resources, innovating for progress

As can be seen from the above, in order to promote the high-quality development of the personal care skin care industry, Bawei has achieved extreme excellence in research and development, product line, testing, and intelligent manufacturing, providing one-stop services for brands from within. At the same time, Bawei has undertaken its duty as a pioneer in China's skin care manufacturing industry, striving to promote the industry's high-quality development.

"Resources are a necessary element of innovation." Liu Ruixue stated that the links between brands, factories, and raw material suppliers have become increasingly close, playing a significant role in promoting the high-quality development of the industry. "For example, Bawei can share the latest data and information, identify which raw materials can be used for product research and development with brands and raw material suppliers." After sharing resources, product creation will follow. "Bawei's research and development is open, inclusive, and collaborative." Liu Ruixue, General Manager of Bawei's R&D Center, has great tolerance and expectations for co-creation of products in the skin care industry.

From Bawei itself to its cooperative brands, and to the skin care industry as a whole, Bawei has used its reliable genes to advance from rapid expansion to high-quality development over the past 15 years. With innovation and resource sharing, Bawei is now embarking on its next 15-year journey. Bawei does not need to build a brand; "Bawei" itself is a brand. "By constantly meeting the needs of the market and the high-quality requirements for product quality, Bawei will become a supply chain brand, build a supply chain platform, and shoulder the responsibility and mission of becoming the best skin care manufacturing enterprise in China."

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