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The Function of Efficacy Testing in New Regulations

2021 is a year of great changes in cosmetics brands. Due to the launch and implementation of the cosmetics brands and supporting policies and regulations which have had a sustained, profound and comprehensive impact on the industry, the cosmetics brands began to enter an all-around, multi-level and three-dimensional regulatory era.

The efficacy evaluation of the products provides the basis for the authenticity of the product efficacy, effectively curbs the adverse phenomena such as the conceptualization, slogan and false publicity, positively encourages the enterprises to actively carry out the brand innovation, improves the market threshold, enables the high-quality and powerful enterprises and brands to have more opportunities, and promotes the survival of the fittest of the market products and brands. However, in the actual landing operation, various enterprises and brands are also facing heavy pressure.

1. Cosmetics are in short supply and high cost

As we all know, the domestic cosmetics market is huge, the number of relevant enterprises and brands is extremely considerable, and there are countless products over the years. The detection of the cosmetic efficacy and ingredients has become a necessary link for the enterprises and brands in the industry before the new products are launched, and the relevant data of the previous products need to be supplemented within the specified time, which doubles the demand for the enterprises and brands for the product efficacy detection.


In addition, the efficacy evaluation cycle of makeup cosmetic testing is not short, especially when it comes to the human efficacy evaluation, the cycle requirements will be longer. However, on the one hand, there is a huge demand, on the other hand, it is limited by the long testing cycle, which not only doubles the business volume of the testing institutions, but also affects the new product listing cycle and speed of the enterprises and brands to a great extent.

2. The cosmetics testing market is messy and has different standards

If the listing process of the new products of the enterprises and brands is regarded as a customs clearance game, after paying the price of money and time, they just come to the testing organization. They still need to experience many "traps" before the final "efficacy evaluation is qualified and the product is listed". Therefore, the market of makeup cosmetic testing has exploded, and the certification of the ordinary makeup cosmetic testing institutions is relatively simple, so it has attracted more and more enterprises. In addition to the new entrants and the cosmetics enterprises themselves, many enterprises whose business scope was testing in other industries have also added the cosmetics efficacy testing business. Everyone wants to take a share, and the threshold is not high, which leads to the uneven level of the testing institutions to a certain extent.

3. Bawei cosmetics are the reliable choice

Under the pressure of the urgent demand for efficacy testing and the testing market with uneven quality, choosing a reliable testing organization has become the key work of many enterprises and brands in efficacy testing. So, what kind of testing organization is reliable?

Take Bawei's third-party testing organization Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bawei Youzhi testing") as an example. As for the qualification of the testing institutions, it was mentioned in the 【the announcement on issuing and implementing the standards for registration and filing inspection of cosmetics】issued by the State Drug Administration, the organization undertaking the registration and filing inspection of the cosmetics must obtain the China metrological certification, namely the qualification certification of the cosmetics inspection and the testing organization (CMA), and the scope of the ability to obtain the qualification certification can meet the needs of the cosmetics registration and filing inspection.

Bawei Youzhi testing has not only obtained the qualification of the CMA inspection and testing institution, the cosmetics registration and filing inspection and testing institution, but also passed the accreditation of the CNAs China National Accreditation Committee laboratory for the conformity assessment. It is a rare professional testing institution with three qualification certifications in China.


In terms of the enterprise strength, Bawei Youzhi testing has an R & D testing laboratory covering an area of more than 6000 square meters, including the cosmetics brand sensory evaluation laboratory, human efficacy evaluation laboratory, animal substitution laboratory, microorganism laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, packaging material evaluation laboratory, cell laboratory, etc., and there are more than 400 sets of the world-class high-end precision large-scale testing equipment which can carry out the detection and analysis in an all-round, targeted and high-precision manner.

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