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Functions of Beauty Cosmetic & Personal Care Products


Personal care and beauty products are used to improve your appearance and play an important role for both men and women. Even men begin to pay attention to their looks with self care and beauty products. At present, most cosmetics are produced with natural and organic ingredients to meet the needs of users.


The importance of cosmetics has increased because many people want to stay young and more attractive. Nowadays, cosmetics in the form of creams, essences, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. are easily available.


Other beauty cosmetic and personal care products (such as liquid foundation) can also make the skin glowing after applying the foundation. 


People are now provided with types of face whitening cream or anti-aging cream, which can help retain young skin for many years. Today Cosmetics help improve our appearance and make us feel more confident.

Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Trend 1: Whitening skin care is popular

Whitening skin care products are very popular recently. In fact, whitening essence accounts for 19% of facial skin care products.

This partly has to do with the desire to get glowing skin without makeup and the obsession with preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Many people believe that skin care practices are therapeutic, which has contributed to the popularity.

Whitening essence, whitening cream, spot removal essence, whitening sunscreen and other whitening products performed very well on the personal care products market. As these ingredients become industry buzzwords, the demand for whitening ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin C, and tranexamic acid are also growing. Bawei peovides the customers with such whitening products as skin whitening cream, whitening collagen serum and natural whitening face pack.

Trend 2: Great innovation for hand and foot care

Though moisturizing and hydrating are the main benefits of body, hand and foot care have long driven product innovation. However, many skin care brands are gradually becoming more innovative in this area by taking inspiration from facial skin care and addressing other skin problems (except dryness).

For example, more and more customers are focusing on:

· Superior hydration

· Solve the problems of loose skin, cracked skin and skin allergies (especially hands/feet)

· Promote the need for people to take preventive measures (ie moisturize the skin before it cracks or becomes irritated)

· Promote the use of specific active ingredients, as seen in facial skin care.

Trend 3: Natural beauty products are on the rise

People are becoming more aware of the ingredients in the skin care products they use, and whether these ingredients are harmful to their body. The status quo is because many products inside and outside the beauty industry contain undesirable chemicals and filler ingredients.

This prompts people to carefully study the types of skincare products they are using. Many people are starting to look for alternatives to health, cleansing and beauty products, although these options are usually more expensive.

With sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, plant-based options will fall into this category. Some people emphasize only using products that are safe to eat.

In response to this trend, many companies have unveiled their own natural personal care and beauty products. As the natural skin care products manufacturers, Bawei also have all natural self care products or eco friendly self care products such as natural sunscreen, good natural lip balm and natural aloe vera gel.

Trend 4: Dairy products have nutritional credentials to provide eye health

Because of its nutritional content, many brands can use dairy products as an ideal carrier for fortification.

Many dairy products are sources of protein, which is an essential nutrient for the maintenance of many tissues including the eyes.

Milk is a good source of riboflavin, which is related to reducing the risk of cataracts.

In addition to some naturally-occurring carotenoids, milk is also fortified with vitamin A, which is one of the best vitamins for eye health.

Calcium is an essential mineral found in many dairy products and has been shown to be beneficial to the eyes.

Milk fat is an ideal companion for fat-soluble vitamins and DHA that are important for eye health.

Trend 5: Makeup suitable for wearing masks

At present, many places in the world need to wear face masks, so makeup enthusiasts are forced to choose makeup options that are suitable for wearing masks. Since the mask covers the face from the nose down, this gives the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows time to glow. Products such as eye shadow, eyebrow makeup, eyelashes, concealer and mascara are coming in handy.

Non-stick liquid lipsticks and lip gloss have also become customers' favorites because they are less prone to smudging than ordinary lipsticks. In this way, people can put on and take off the mask without worrying about messing up their makeup, while also helping to keep the mask clean.

Trend 6: Scalp care appears

As we mentioned, people have become cautious about the use of skin care products. This caution also permeates hair care and scalp care.

With the advancement of science and technology, people began to adopt scientific methods for scalp care, and the idea is to stimulate healthy hair growth through the use of products, minimize dryness, and improve the health of the scalp as a whole.

Some emerging scalp related beauty products include scalp detox, scalp moisturizing mask, deep cleanser, serum and caffeine treatment.

In addition, there are more and more common hair treatments.

What Customers Say about Bawei Beauty and Personal Care Products

Ryan, Malta

It is amazing, very afficiant the product is good quality. The customer service is very good, one of the best I ever worked with! I will surly do further business.

Ryan, Malta
Aminat, Nigeria

The quality of matte foundation is very great!I love the most  products of BAWEI.

Aminat, Nigeria
Ned, Australia

The service by Shirley was absolutely amazing. One of the best experiences I have had from any supplier in China in the 25 Years I have been doing business. The product is fantastic and the follow up service is exceptional.

Ned, Australia
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