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Hi, Milk Foam Shower Gel of Dove (Unilever) Has Launched!


As one of the major enterprises producing FMCG in the world, Unilever has a set of strict global implementation standards for product safety, effectiveness and quality. In the cooperation with Unilever and the research and development of milk cover shower gel, Bawei family have the spirit of overcoming difficulties, abiding by their duties, and never giving up.

Something about our product manager's wild imagination: Will the skin be particularly slippery when you add a thick silky milk cover to the shower gel? Just because of this whimsy, our product manager suddenly had a lot of ideas. He collected and analyzed various data and product data and found that this idea was feasible. Coupled with the fact that there are almost no such products in the market, it can be seen that this is a very promising market.


We have organized nearly 8 times of mutual visits, internal and external factory review and factory inspection, and nearly 20 times of video connection communication. In the face of Unilever's high requirements and strict standards, Luo Fang, the brand consultant who served and followed up Unilever's project, withstood the pressure after successive factory inspection failures, because she knew that since she chose road in the distance, she could only go through trials and hardships. Under Unilever's international standards and requirements, "persistence" has become the only belief in her heart. After adjusting her mind, Luo Fang organized relevant visits, factory inspections and factory audits again. She makes overall rectification of things that she is not satisfied with, and pursues better things that she is satisfied with. Under such high requirements and strict standards, we finally passed the factory inspection and factory audit, and successfully took the first step of cooperation.

1. The core of shower wash products comes from R & D strength



The second step to promote cooperation is our own strong R & D strength. Our innovation has become a unique flash point. Taking technology as the support and products as the driving force is the basic criterion for R & D and intelligent manufacturing of Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation. The R & D center, covering an area of more than 3000 square meters, has perfect R & D equipment and master high-tech biochemical technology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, liquid crystal microemulsion technology, etc. More than 100 R & D engineers and technicians gathered together have created fruitful results of more than 6000 mature formulas.

Xu Peng from R & D Center said that how to ensure the stability of the material, the time of layering and the texture of the foam are the key points in the research and development of the joint milk cover shower gel. After consulting a large number of documents and many tests, the R & D personnel found that by adjusting the mixing times, the upper and lower layering time of milk cover shower gel can be shortened by 12 times, from 60 minutes to 5 minutes. In terms of the texture of foam, after 100 hours of continuous tracking experiments, a foam that is consistent with customer requirements and user experience is finally determined.


For the color, odor, appearance and PH value of the products, we spent three months of long time testing and monitoring for the quality stability of the products. The critical moment of the testing coincided with the serious period of the epidemic, and in such a situation, the company announced that the staff worked from home. Faced with the imminent expiration of the follow-up experimental samples, Fan Xingli quickly responded to the attitude of being responsible for the customers and for her own work, and returned to the company from the field to follow up the testing situation personally. All the efforts and sweat were rewarded at the moment of being recognized.


Countless tests on package materials, such as compatibility test, sealing test, pressure resistance test and weightlessness test. In addition to meeting customer requirements, we are more interested in meeting the high demands on ourselves. Because the performance of the package material is closely related to the user experience, it is important to choose a good package material. Finally, after the heavy evaluation of light, high and low temperature, color difference and materials, we have harvested a satisfactory answer from our customers.

The problem of stable delamination and coexistence of water and oil phases is a major challenge in the production process of Unilever Dove bubble shower gel. To overcome this problem, we have done several debuggings from the laboratory process to the production process. After countless debugging and observation of more than 100 bottles of samples, we found the best solution, which not only ensures the stability of material stratification, reduces the probability of impurities in the material and controls the number of microorganisms, but also greatly improves the efficiency and increases the daily production capacity from 15,000 to 30,000, which greatly meets the customer's shipping needs.

2. All success cannot be achieved without teamwork


In the face of the high standards and strict requirements of Unilever team, from the birth of product concept, contact and communication, formula research and development, efficacy evaluation and testing to production and delivery, it is inseparable from the spirit of teamwork, overcoming difficulties and attentive service of all departments of Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation and the strong support of leaders, which also makes the whole team experience and grow. We will continue to be based on the market, insight into the trend, with R & D intellectual power to empower the product, help the brand upgrade. In addition, we will continue to create value for the brand and output good products with high value and quality for the market.

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