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Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetics inspection and testing organization integrating high-end, high-energy, high-standard and high-efficiency. Obtained CMA China Metrology Certification, CNAS laboratory accreditation, non-special filing inspection agency qualification, established cosmetic sensory evaluation laboratory, human efficacy evaluation laboratory, animal substitution laboratory, microbiological research, cosmetics prohibited and restricted substance testing room, etc., At the same time, it has a professional and sophisticated cosmetics filing and regulatory team to provide the cosmetics industry with more professional, comprehensive, and high-quality testing and regulatory filing services.

Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Microbe Testing Lab
Microbe Testing Lab
Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Microbe Testing
Microbe Testing
Cell Testing
Cell Testing
Packaging Material
Packaging Material
Cell Testing
Cell Testing
Human Efficacy
Human Efficacy
UV Transmittance Testing Lab
UV Transmittance Testing Lab
Transportation Environment Lab
Transportation Environment Lab




Youzhi can issue impartial data and results to the society. The inspection items include cosmetics, chemical raw materials, sanitary and sanitizing products, and flavors and fragrances, etc.



Accredited by CNAS China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and integrated into the international mutual recognition system of 54 laboratory accreditation bodies around the world,and CNAS national laboratory accreditation logo and ILAC international mutual recognition joint logo can be used within the scope of accreditation.



BAWEI and Italy's RIGano laboratory S.r.l established a joint sensory evaluation laboratory


Distinguished expert-Italian sensory evaluation consultant Dr. Randall johnson conducts "Sensory Evaluation" special training


Independent third-party testing agency of Bawei Sensory Evaluation Room of Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd.


We have a high-quality and experienced inspection and testing technology and management team, involving physical and chemical inspection, microbiological inspection, safety efficacy, packaging material testing, etc. The engineers of this team have more than 10 years of industry experience in the field of inspection and testing to ensure that the inspection of the entire cosmetics industry chain is more professional. The annual average number of registered products reaches more than 1,700, and the total number of registered non-special cosmetics exceeds 10,000.




In order to ensure the safety of cosmetic formulations, the quality safety test room can carry out human skin patch tests and animal substitution tests, skin model tests, etc. are used to detect and evaluate the potential of the test substance to cause adverse human skin reactions.


VISIA Tester
VISIA Tester
Scalp Detection
Scalp Detection
UV Transmittance Analyzer
UV Transmittance Analyzer

YOUZ testing center has set up a professional efficacy evaluation laboratory with human efficacy evaluation capabilities, which can provide customers with human efficacy evaluation reports, and can carry out laboratory methods and provide third-party efficacy evaluation reports. The efficacy evaluation experiments adopt constant temperature and humidity settings. , The temperature is controlled at 20-22 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is controlled at 40-60% to meet the needs of human body function evaluation and to ensure that the data results are accurate and reliable. At the same time, it is equipped with a professional VISIA tester, skin tester, UV transmittance analyzer in time Meet the needs of efficacy evaluation and testing.



Each product has undergone at least 66+ scientific evaluations from raw material screening, formula research and development, product testing, production and delivery, to create the high quality products to consumers


  1. Record inspection of domestic non-special use cosmetics (microbiological inspection, physical and chemical inspection).

  2. Routine tests: lotion, cleansing oil (liquid, milk, ointment, cream), exfoliating gel, hair gel, hair gel (water), hair wax, lip gloss, lip oil, lipstick, conditioner, skin care lotion, skin care Gel, massage base oil, massage oil, massage essential oil, body wash, shampoo, shampoo, hand soap, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, lip balm, emollient oil, moisturizer cream, facial mask, etc.

  3. Cosmetic antiseptic challenge test, antibacterial experiment, cosmetic efficacy test, safety test, sensory evaluation.

Testing Item


Microbiological index

Total number of colonies, molds and yeasts, heat-resistant coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Heavy metal

Mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium

Efficacy test

Moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, etc.

α-hydroxy acid

2-Hydroxybutyric acid, lactic acid, diphenyl glycolic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, hydroxyoctanoic acid, malic acid, glucuronic acid, tartaric acid


Oxytetracycline dihydrate, chloramphenicol, metronidazole, tetracycline hydrochloride, doxycycline hydrochloride, minocycline hydrochloride, chlortetracycline hydrochloride


Zinc pyrithione, piroctone ethanolamine salt, clomibazole, salicylic acid, ketoconazole


Diethylhexylbutyramido triazone, diethylcarbamoxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate, titanium dioxide, benzophenone-2, benzylidene camphorsulfonic acid, zinc oxide, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor PABA ethylhexyl ester, butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl triazone, benzophenone-3, benzophenone-4 and benzophenone-5, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, octocrelin, p-aminobenzoic acid, isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate, ethylhexyl salicylate, methyl Ethylhexyl oxycinnamate, humosalate, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid

Sex hormones

Diethylstilbestrol, methyltestosterone, testosterone, estriol, estradiol, estrone, progesterone

Other prohibited substances

Dioxane, hydroquinone, phenol, methanol, formaldehyde, preservative content detection

Content physical index

pH value, total active matter content, refractive index, active matter content, relative density, total solid content, total effective matter, effective matter content, foam

Sensory and morphological indicators

Appearance, cold resistance, heat resistance, aroma, centrifugal test, color, smell, texture

Product packaging characteristics test

Light aging test, simulated transportation test, compatibility test, coating heat resistance test, hose nozzle welding fastness test, hose end fastness test, middle beam core stroke torque test, drop test

Routine physical and chemical

Net content, acid value, peroxide value, acid-base test, moisture, refractive index, viscosity and flow properties, saponification value


Preservative challenge test, ethanol content, diethylene glycol content, commonly used cosmetic preservatives content, antibacterial test, chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane test, sun protection index SPF test (machine test), human patch test


Efficacy test / Safety test/ Routine testing/ Sensory evaluation/ Non-special record /Regulatory consultation


  • Negotiations→Signing contract→Sign application form→Send a sample→Analysis test→Data analysis→Get a report

  • For routine inspection of cosmetics, please fill in our "Entrusted Testing Agreement", and the application form will be sent with the samples for inspection. For non-special filing inspections, please fill in the actual product information and testing items in the national "Cosmetics Registration and Filing Inspection Information Management System", and select the inspection agency as "Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd.".

  • Precise service ● Rigorous and fair ● Standard science

  • Phone number: +86 020-66649934

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