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How Much Do You Know About Moisturizing Whitening Body Lotion?

Moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types can play a role in moisturizing the skin, replenishing the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs to prevent dryness and dehydration, as well as forming a protective film on the skin's surface to slow down the loss of moisture. Body lotions have been subdivided into many different types and effects, such as full body hydration, full body smoothing, whitening, exfoliating, after sun repair, deodorant and other different functions.

Ⅰ. Classification of moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types

1. From the texture of the body lotion distinction

(1) lotion type body lotion: lotion type body lotion has the highest moisture content and relatively little oil, usually with a thin, light texture, even with a certain degree of fluidity, the most light and breathable and easy to absorb, so apply it fresh and non-greasy.

(2) cream type body lotion: cream type body lotion, the texture is thicker than the lotion type, in the form of cream, the consistency between the lotion and cream, because of its oil content than the lotion type to be larger, so the freshness is affected by the type of oil in the composition.

(3) cream type body cream: cream type body cream texture is the thickest, high oil content, but also easy to bring greasy skin and stifling feeling, texture is not conducive to absorption is also easy to rub mud, and even affect the skin breathable, but its water locking and moisturizing ability is stronger, so it is more suitable for dry skin or dry environment selection.

2. From the function of the body lotion to distinguish

(1) deep moisturizing body lotion: to the whole body deep moisturizing and hydration-based, for the skin moisturizing at the same time also deep moisturizing skin stratum corneum, continuous replenishment of the skin needed moisture and nutrients.

(2) exfoliating body lotion: the body lotion used to remove chicken skin on the market is mostly fruit acid body lotion, which can soften the keratin, thus improving the state of chicken skin, while helping to smoothen the skin and restore tenderness.

(3) Scented body lotion: Scented moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types often has a pleasing fragrance. The fragrance body lotion can not only moisturize the skin, and the fragrance is long-lasting and not too strong, has become the summer fragrance way for many girls. Of course, since there are scented body lotions will also be fragrance-free body lotions, and the opposite of scented body lotions, fragrance-free body lotions usually taste fresh and light, no fragrance fragrances and other allergenic ingredients, the ingredients are more natural and safe.

Ⅱ. The frequency of use of moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types

Just like we will wash our faces every day most people will also shower every day, and even more frequently in the summer. This is a great way to reduce the burden on the skin, but accordingly the natural moisture barrier of the skin will be damaged during the cleaning process, which means that the skin will lose a lot of water. At this point, applying the product can help restore the skin's sense of moisture, because in addition to the basic moisturizing function of body lotion some body lotions also add improving ingredients. Of course, choosing a body lotion is just like choosing a facial lotion and should be adjusted according to the season and skin type, such as using a heavy one in winter and a light one in summer. Dry skin needs body lotion all year round, while oil skin can be used sparingly, etc.

Ⅲ. Precautions for the moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types

The first thing you need to do is to apply the moisturizing whitening body lotion for all skin types to your body and then open your palms and massage the body parts in a circular motion to promote better absorption of nutrients. Body lotion is not the only thing you need to use in winter, if you want your body to be soft, smooth and white, apply body lotion on your body all year round, in winter when the weather is cold, you can skip the massage step to prevent getting cold. To make your body soft and smooth, you can eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more water to hydrate your skin.

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