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BAWEI | A New Favorite in Foundry Industry

The 26th China Beauty Expo(CBE) was held at SHANGHAI New International Expo Centre(Pudong). The exhibition site is full of people, and exhibitors from the cosmetics industry have come up with their top techniques in order to stand out from over 3200 exhibitors. As a professional cosmetics manufacturer, BAWEI played its ace, which was R&D technology, testing methods, intelligent manufacturing, and 120+ Balvey stars. At the Expo, BAWEI showed its core competitiveness in the industry.

1. Testing empowers cosmetics brands

As Beauty In Sight reported, Chen Biaozeng, vice chairman of BAWEI, said that innovation is crucial for BAWEI. As a well-known pioneer in the industry, BAWEI's innovation covers three dimensions: technological innovation, application innovation, and service innovation.

Compared with the previous Shanghai CBE that only exhibited products, this time BAWEI has added a new R&D and testing section to fully show BAWEI's innovation to the industry. When speaking about the decision of adding new sections, Yang Honghua said that R&D is the key of the factory, and testing caters to current regulations and the direction of industry development.


In terms of service innovation, BAWEI provides customers with one-stop services such as processing, testing, filing, and legal interpretation. BAWEI has an independent testing organization-Guangdong Youzhi Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which provides high-quality and safe testing services.


In addition, Yang Honghua told Beauty In Sight that nowadays, the industry's attention to the quality of packaging materials is far less than that of product internals. However, packaging materials often directly affect the stability of the product, the sense of use, and the experience of consumers.

It is worth noting that the new pump head tester developed by BAWEI is very attractive. According to Li Shiwei, at the CBE in Shanghai, the professional skin care product brand of BAWEI exhibited its self-developed, self-designed, and self-manufactured packaging material test pump head fatigue tester, which can test the packaging material of the pump head. The service life ensures that the pump head packaging materials can meet the requirements of consumers.


Of course, for personal care products suppliers, high-quality development is the key. Therefore, focusing on product and technology research and development is the foundation of BAWEI. In terms of technological innovation, it is reported that BAWEI has successively linked well-known cosmetic laboratories, universities, institutions and technical formulation experts at home and abroad to jointly develop products and research technologies.


2. In-depth and comprehensive research of cosmetics brands

In terms of application innovation, BAWEI has achieved breakthroughs in product innovation through packaging materials, content properties, ingredients, and efficacy. In the Expo, BAWEI named the whole section "BAWEI Xingyan", and exhibited more than 120 new products, including wash care, make-up, mens clean skincare, consumer brands, and personal care products. And these products are classified by composition, appearance, texture, etc., including masks, scrub cream, anti wrinkle and firming cream, vegan moisturizing body wash, and others.

bawei-pic13.jpgYang Honghua said that at present, most of the research and development of products on the market are based on patented technology, but BAWEI cosmetics manufacturer takes the other way. BAWEI always designs products from the perspective of the market, which means combining market and technology and launching products with market genes. Such a model can help brands better meet consumer needs, and reversely empower products. Meanwhile, it can promote cosmetics brands and quickly understand product technology. And this is where BAWEI Xingyan comes from.

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