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BAWEI Corporation Innovation Center & Intelligent Factory


From a blueprint to a magnificent building, from a flat land to a magnificent building! The territory of Bawei is further expanded, innovation & intelligent manufacturing upgrade, transformation is imminent! A brand new beauty industry park has risen strongly!

1. The Bawei cosmetics brand expands its new territory, and the innovation center & smart factory is completed


Mrs. Leng Qunying, Chairman of Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation, Mr. Chen Biao, Vice Chairman, Mr. Leng Zhigang, Vice Chairman, representatives of the group, design units, geological prospecting units, supervision units, construction units, fire protection units, elevator companies and other relevant leaders attended This topping-out ceremony together witnessed this exciting historical moment in the history of the development of Bawei!


Ms. Leng Qunying, Chairman of Bawei, said in a speech that the innovation center & smart factory project has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements from the initial reinforced concrete foundation to the topping-out of the current building, ensuring that the construction quality and construction speed go hand in hand, truly showing The speed of Bawei. Especially during the special period of the epidemic, Bawei successively overcame unfavorable factors such as the epidemic, tight schedule and heavy tasks, ensured quality and quantity, and successfully completed the set goal of capping the new industrial park. Just to turn the "Bawei Innovation Center and Smart Factory" project into a high-quality project and a boutique project. These impressive achievements are inseparable from the strong support and help of the district committee and government.


The details witness the quality, and the precision work guarantees the quality. From the initial excavation to the completion of the main project now, every link embodies the ingenuity and sweat of the architect, and carries all the beautiful cornerstones.

Along with the sand, fireworks flew on the scene, firecrackers blasted, full of applause. Everyone was cheered and excited, and celebrated the successful topping-out of the Bawei Innovation Center & Smart Factory!

It took more than a year of serious construction and strictly controlled the quality of each brick. To build a project is to create a boutique, to tie a steel bar is to draw the next note, and to cap a building is to complete a golden chapter. A beauty industry park has begun to take shape, one step closer to the spread of the wings of the Bawei cosmetics brand.


2. New starting point and new upgrade, the global layout of the Bawei cosmetics brand goes further

Following Guangdong Bawei Factory, Zhishang Factory, and Qinghu Factory, Innovation Center & Smart Factory is the fourth production base of Bawei. Innovation Center & Smart Factory is a brand-new starting point of Bawei's intelligent manufacturing, which is of decisive significance for the overall strategic upgrade of Bawei.

The successful completion of this topping ceremony marked an important and phased victory in the construction of the project. At the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for subsequent completion, and will contribute to the continuous high-quality development and growth of the beauty makeup industry!


The innovation center & smart factory are large in scale, located in the private science and technology park in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, with a total area of 58,978 square meters and a total investment of 160 million yuan. It is expected to be put into operation in October 2020. It is estimated that after reaching production capacity, the annual output value will be 825 million yuan and the tax will be 80 million yuan.

As a key construction project in Baiyun District, Innovation Center & Smart Factory is also a key construction project under the "985" project strategy of Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation. The project has received strong support and help from governments at all levels, and has also attracted attention from the industry and the media.

In the future, the Bawei cosmetics brand will uphold the beautiful mission of "making outstanding contributions to the health and beauty of mankind" and the spirit of the 863 Program. The Innovation Center & Smart Factory will be built into a new garden-style beauty industrial park integrating Internet celebrity check-in, national basic research room, formula R&D center, innovative product center, high-standard testing center, smart production workshop and modern office building.


The topping-out ceremony has come to a successful conclusion. We firmly believe that in the near future, with the successive completion and production of the projects, the innovation center & smart factory will become a business card of Bawei shares, blooming with dazzling light! Assist Bawei to build the first platform of China's beauty supply chain, and at the same time help build the pillar industry of Guangzhou Baiyun's 100 billion-level beauty makeup!

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