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Bawei: The Future is a Competition of Industrial Chain Resilience

Beauty makeup long-term "explosive products" are big single products

In recent years, for beauty makeup brands, the enthusiasm for creating "big single products" seems to have exceeded the pursuit of "explosive products". Many well-known brands have a high-profile "star big single product" or several under their umbrella.

Bawei, known as the "explosive product maker" in the industry. Recently, Bawei and Vaseline jointly launched the "Vaseline Pro Derma digital lipstick", which climbed to the "moisturizing lipstick hot sales chart TOP 3" during the Double Eleven pre-sale period. Previously, its Dove "milk cap shower gel" developed in collaboration with Unilever and the Lux "intoxicated Milky Way" shower series products were all popular at one time. As the behind-the-scenes pusher of the "explosive product series", Bawe has its own "product" strategy.

Bawei has three judging criteria for "big single products": products can capture a large consumer group; the product itself must be safe and effective; and the product has high cost performance. "The 'big single product' is actually considered from the two dimensions of 'quantity' and 'quality'. High-quality products go without saying, but only 'big single products' that can attract enough consumers can accumulate 'quantity' and be considered 'exploding'." Chen Qingyun said.

"As a direct participant in product research and development and production, Bawei can better understand the highlights and advantages of products in a comprehensive and profound manner. Bawei combines them with market trends to form the clear 'selling points' of products. Such high-quality products with clear selling points are what we often call 'explosive products'. Therefore, 'explosive products' are also essential from the sales links." Chen Qingyun summarized.


The final competition in factories may be intelligent beauty makeup supply chain

In 2021, China stands at a new historical node. As stated in the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country, it is clearly stated that "accelerate digital development and build digital China" is the goal. After nearly 20 years of development, the domestic beauty makeup OEM market has stepped into the era of "intelligent manufacturing". OEM factories have begun to move towards a new development stage, and the embryonic form of future factories has emerged.

Future factories are facing unprecedented ecological changes. The most undeniable point is that with the development of the network and the implementation of the "new regulations", the information gap between enterprises is gradually decreasing, and the transparency of formulas, raw material prices, and packaging material prices is gradually increasing. In this case, many beauty makeup OEM factories began to look for new breakthrough points in order to achieve greater development in the next market competition.

At the same time, in terms of research and development "hard" capabilities, after 16 years of accumulation and precipitation, Bawei has a top-notch research and development team that focuses on research and development, including 40+ senior research and development engineers, 100+ research and development personnel, 110+ patents, 6000+ mature formulas and 300+ efficacious formulas in its strong database.

The construction of "smart factories" has strengthened Bawei's development barriers, and its more profound significance is that, "At this point, Bawei's beauty makeup has the ability to provide services to customers in multiple links such as research and development, production, testing, and marketing."

In addition, in 2021, Bawei also proposed to build a "beauty makeup supply chain platform." According to Chen Qingyun, "'beauty makeup supply chain platform' is a carrier based on Bawei, which integrates high-quality resources from upstream, midstream, and downstream in the industry to achieve resource sharing. When resources are integrated, the cohesion between enterprises will be enhanced, and the surrounding resources can also be fully mobilized. The fundamental purpose of building the 'beauty makeup supply chain platform' is to better serve customers, because the future is actually a comparison of the resilience between industrial chains."

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