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Cooperate with Unilever


Bawei Corporation and Unilever formally reached a cooperation

After more than 400 days and nights

Nearly 10,000 hours of repeated communication and multiple trials

More than 100 experiment program adjustments and various test records

13 hours of high-intensity work every day for 21 consecutive days

Just to improve the texture of the foam

100 hours of follow-up test of foam stiffness

A team of more than 50 people follow up the entire process of R&D, testing and production



In 2020, Bawei successfully reached a cooperation with Unilever

Dove's double milk-cover body wash, which set off the " Double milk-cover body wash" in the market.

As one of the major manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods in the world, Unilever has a set of strict global implementation standards for product safety, effectiveness, and quality. In the cooperation with Unilever BAWEI staffs have brought the spirit of "tackling difficulties and overcoming difficulties" to the extreme, abide by their duties and never give up.

Facing the high standards and strict requirements of the Unilever, from product concept generation, formulation development, efficacy evaluation and testing to production and delivery. All departments from BAWEI are inseparable from teamwork, overcoming difficulties and dedicated service. The spirit of the company and the strong support of the leadership have also allowed the team to experience and grow as a whole. Next, BAWEI will continue to base itself on the market, gain insights into trends, and use R&D intelligence to empower products, help brand upgrades, and continue to contribute to the brand. Create value and continue to output high-quality, high-quality products for the market.

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