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Safe and Non-irritating Baby-specific Body Lotion: Effectively Moisturizing Baby's Skin

Baby lotion is different from the lotion used by adults. Babies have more fragile skin than adults and have higher requirements for safety. Therefore, it is generally believed that baby care lotion is a very safe product, and adults can also use it. Let's take a look at the knowledge about baby emulsions.

1. How many times a day the baby care lotion is applied?

There is no set number of uses, but it is generally applied in the morning and evening after bathing the baby. After bathing your baby every time, apply it on the body without drying the water, and then dry it with a towel. Not suitable for applying too much at one time. In fact, applying too much can be counterproductive, and it will destroy the defense function of the baby's skin.

2. The choice of baby care skin care products

Baby care lotion is an indispensable skin care product for babies all year round, so mothers are very cautious about the choice of brands and products. When choosing skin care products for your baby, you must first pay attention to whether the products have safety signs. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether this product is pure and mild, and it is best to choose a "tear-free formula" product that will not irritate your baby's eyes.

In addition to looking at the ingredients, the material, shape and design must be considered to avoid harm to the baby. For a true quality baby product manufacturer, every step is strictly controlled from raw material production to packaging and transportation. Such as packaging and raw material compatibility test, product packaging drop test, bottle cap safety lock test, product brightness resistance test, etc., are essential, and only stable, safe, quality-assured packaging is truly the bath product suitable for infants and young children. For a baby skin care product, packaging and ingredients are two essential parts. Therefore, mothers should remember that the selected products must meet the safety standards of the United States and the European Union, and pass the virological test to ensure that the raw materials are extreme, pure and mild.

3. Baby care lotion: moisturizing baby skin

Baby's delicate skin must be taken care of by baby care lotion in daily life, so it is very necessary to help baby prepare a good lotion. The natural baby care lotion adopts imported raw materials, which are natural, pure and mild. Contains natural moisturizing factor essence, which can effectively maintain the moisture of the skin surface, which moisturizes and nourishes deep skin and prevents allergies. At the same time, the baby's natural body lotion is weakly acidic, which can effectively balance the PH value of the baby's skin, maintain a healthy PH value, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria on the skin. Gently spread on the face and body, the fragrance is light and pleasant, suitable for the whole family.

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