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28 Days Reverse Aging Beauty Program Empowering Dynamic Youth!

Not afraid of the passage of time, still youthful like the past. Are you afraid of the aging signs of 25+? Bawei skin care products provide 28-day anti-aging beauty, powered by technology and selected dynamic formulas that help penetrate the skin with the Demulsion technology and condense with the TS emulsification process to reverse aging in 3D, giving the skin a peptide boost!

Anti-aging skin care products: Moisturizing lotion

The excellent anti-oxidation effect of Clavulanic acid and Cordyceps extract, the effective repletion of the kangaroo paw extract for the elastic fibers of the skin, and the multi-link "stabilizing defense mechanism" of lactobacillus/soybean fermentation filtrate for the skin's micro-ecological environment, provide the skin with abundant, nutritious, and stable water energy. With the help of TS emulsification technology, it enhances absorption and prevents the skin from sagging.


Anti-aging skin care products: enriching and firming essence water

Using the penetration technology Demulsion, it constructs a 3-layer elastic and firm model of "skin surface-skin middle-skin base", activates the skin's tension signals with the extract of ginseng root and pea, and enhances the skin's youthful dynamic with SYN-COLL tripeptide collagen peptide. It achieves anti-aging through the links of "defense-activation-firmness".

Anti-aging skin care products: enriching skin, moisturizing essence milk

With the use of small-molecule polypeptide multi-complex Clavulanic acid extract, the skin is enriched and the wrinkles are smoothed, awakening the youthful radiance. It is particularly suitable for dry, loose, sagging skin with wrinkles; it possesses a non-preservative formula that is friendly to vulnerable and sensitive skin.

Anti-aging skin care products: revitalizing firming serum cream


It helps the skin retain its youthful state through multiple pathways - with hydrating nutrients like jojoba seed oil, reinforcing barriers with lactobacillus/soybean fermentation filtrate, brightening the skin with niacinamide, and reducing wrinkles with acetylhexapeptide-8 and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4. Its velvety texture, absorbability, and multi-dimensional rejuvenation effects make the skin firm and elastic, and smoothes away wrinkles.

There is a way to fight aging and maintain youthfulness. Bawei's 28-day anti-aging beauty, Fuyan Ningji Jingyu Shiguang Anti-aging Gift Box skincare products provide strong moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effects which firm and restore the skin's elasticity, giving the skin a spring-like firmness and plumpness.

At that time, it will focus on the positioning of "customized expert formulas", with the theme of "function certification, classic star", exhibiting over 100 high-quality products, covering classic formulations such as cleansers, lotions, and essences, and functional products for anti-wrinkle firming, soothing repair, oil control and acne removal, sun protection, whitening, as well as body wash and care products.

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