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Eco-Friendly Skincare Program Featuring Biodegradable Plant-Based "Mud"

As sustainability becomes a global issue, "carbon neutrality" and "carbon targets" have risen to a national level, and "green environmental protection" has begun to move in various industries.

For the beauty makeup industry, environmental protection covers packaging materials, raw materials, formulas, production, use, and many other aspects. Many sisters may think that plastic consumables over-packaged, the development of raw materials and chemical wastewater from product production, are the only things that affect the ecological environment. Therefore, while reducing the burden on the skin, it is also essential to reduce the burden on the earth, so as to promote sustainable development!

So, how can we achieve both? Based on the concept of environmental sustainability, Bawei Xingyan has launched a new "Body Bath" series - Romantic Fruit Body Cleansing Milk. It has unique product characteristics of dry and wet usage, making bathing and exfoliating combined in one step, reducing the repeated friction of the skin. It also selects an environmentally friendly skin-cleansing and degradable "mud remover" to reduce the burden on the skin, protect the earth and promote sustainable development. Bawei's body care product Romantic Fruit Cleansing Milk will bring you delicate skin!


The body care product with fruit can be used both dry and wet, making the skin soft and smooth

The two-in-one fun cleansing uses mud to suck dirt and exfoliate, while wet use creates nourishing foam for bathing.

The body care product with fruit has a degradable "mud remover"

The plant-based skin-cleansing ingredient is derived from the essence of plants, which effectively adsorbs and removes the old and waste keratin on the surface of the skin.

The body care product with fruit contains plant essence that gently softens keratin

Papaya protease gently removes waste keratin from the skin, making the body cleanser leave no burden on the skin.

The body care product with fruit has a patented anti-irritation technology that enhances skin resistance

The patented anti-irritation ingredients extracted from corn kernels, winged prickly pear seeds, Bordeaux leaves, etc., enhance the skin's resistance, gently cleanse without damaging or tightening the skin, while also nourishing the skin.

The body care product with fruit has a fresh fruit aroma that brings joy to the body and mind

Enjoy the refreshing taste of lemon, the sweetness of peach, and the sourness of orange, enjoy the time of "reducing burden" for the skin, and witness the beauty of yourself.

In addition to being committed to sustainability in product formulas, Bawei also adheres to sustainable concepts in daily production and office work, such as the use of advanced wastewater treatment equipment and water purification systems, the implementation of photovoltaic power generation, and the use of low-temperature emulsification technology. By reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution, Bawei strives to achieve the goal of green environmental protection and promote sustainable development through practical actions. Have you obtained the gentle and smooth eco-friendly cleansing plan of Bawei's body care products cleansing milk?

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