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Creating a Specialist in Customized Efficacy Formulations: Bawei Provides Reliable and Hard-Hitting Solutions.

Bawei has a hundred makeup products, with unique features

Entering the Bawei exhibition hall, what catches the eye is a series of grid-linked elements with unique Bawei features. In these grids, displayed are the eight major series and nearly 100 star products brought by Bawei to this exhibition.


According to onsite staff, these products cover functional products, exemption products (cleaning and removing makeup products, scalp care products), overseas trendy makeup products, and collaborative brand products. Among them, the functional makeup supplies cover a variety of popular functions, such as moisturizing, anti-wrinkle tightening, soothing repair, oil control and acne removal, whitening and freckle removal, etc. The product category involves various forms of cleansing, water, milk, cream, essence, facial masks, scalp care, body care, etc., all of which have efficacy testing reports. In terms of product categories and efficacy, they can greatly satisfy the needs of brand customers.

In terms of packaging and user experience, Bawei's products also combine high aesthetic value, interestingness, and good skin feel. For example, one of the new body essence products is in a bubbly state and has a small popping sensation like chewing gum when applied. The product contains a patented oil control technology and a patented moisturizing technology. It has a refreshing feel and is easily absorbed, while also being highly effective and highly creative and interesting.

In addition to skin care products, Bawei also displayed many brand products that are highly popular among domestic consumers at this exhibition, such as HBN retinol essence milk, which continues to dominate the lotion market, and the Lux dip in the stars and galaxies shower gel. Also, there are many overseas trendy makeup products that are selling well in many categories, including lipstick, eye shadow, isolation, foundation, and concealer, etc. Multi-category, multi-function, like a "magic cube," they fully demonstrate Bawei's versatile and changeable characteristics.

"Functional Magic Cube" customized makeup supplies requirements, adapting to all changes in the market

Behind the versatile makeup products is Bawei's reliable spirit, responding to market fluctuations with deterministic products and services by launching a new gameplay: the "Functional Magic Cube".

This is based on the integration of more than 6,000 classic mature formulas developed over the past decade and the deployment of a comprehensive formula management system. Bawei, in collaboration with its independent third-party testing agency, U-Certify, has carefully selected the "300+ functional formulas" that hold efficacy evaluation certificates. By means of "functional customization + free combination," Bawei has created a diversified explosive product with strong efficacy, optimal data, great visual appeal, good skin feel, and high attention, to help customers develop brand exclusive characteristics and achieve breakthrough growth.

The "Functional Magic Cube," covering multiple categories and functions, not only meets customers' demand for personalized customization of brand products to the fullest extent, but also meets brand customers' demand for fast product launches in a constantly changing market. By means of free combination and diversified gameplay, it adapts to diversified customer demands and market trends. This also showcases the core of Bawei's exhibition at this show: "Functional Formula Customization Expert."

Hard-core research and development of makeup supplies, complemented by science and technology

To be an expert, there must be hard-core R&D capability to complement. In the Bawei Star Color high-end anti-aging makeup series, Bawei has adopted its main black technology promoted at this exhibition-Demulsion permeation assistance technology. This technology can effectively blend plant extracts and technological ingredients perfectly. The size of the active molecules is smaller, and the permeability is stronger, both achieving deep absorption and maximizing efficacy, creating a refreshing and comfortable skin feel.

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