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Skin Care at home

Speaking of skin care, usually there are four principles. What do you guess?

1. Gentle and clean,

2. Scientific moisturizing,

3. Sun protection throughout the year,

4. Comprehensive anti-oxidant.

Above four steps actually tell the truth about skin care and the truth about our home care. Our family skin care is very simple.

Only above four steps are enough. That is to say, many people think skin care can be complicated, a lot of advertisements makes everyone dazzled. Wow, so many products I need to buy! I needs this, I need that... In fact, they are all confused by the advertisements.

As long as the family skin care steps meet the four points, you can definitely achieve a good skin condition.

It supports minimalist skin care. In fact, skin care doesn't need so many bottles. Blindly choosing skin care to follow suit is actually a common problem for many girls in skin care. However, the market for skin care products is uneven, so excessive skin care is still very common.

The most prosperous skin care products in the world-Japan and France are the places where sensitive skin is the most serious. It is caused by excessive skin care. As one of the top professional face wash suppiers in China, our suggestion is to use precise ingredients to condition everyone's skin to the most suitable state, that is, effective ingredients + scientific concentration to do home skin care. After all, expensive and complex are not necessarily good, simple and suitable.

Learn to look at the ingredients, become an ingredient party, be responsible for your face, listen to the sound of your skin, look at the ingredients regardless of the brand, pay attention to the ingredients and effects behind the products, so that you have a healthy skin barrier and help your skin complete its self-repair.

1. Gentle cleansing, choose a bottle of facial cleanser that can be clean, gentle and not hurt the skin

If the cleaning is not in place, the effect of subsequent skin care products will be halved, and the money will be wasted. Facial cleansing products, if you are not careful, you will buy soap-based cleansers. Short-term use will not cause any problems, but long-term use will cause skin sensitivity, enlarged pores, more and more oily face, skin inflammation, acne, red blood streaks, etc. The reaction will follow.

If you are dry skin, soap-based cleansing will easily make the dry skin more drier.

How to choose a facial cleanser? Amino acids are the world's mildest and deep cleansing surfactants, so choose a high-concentration amino acid cleanser to protect your sebum film.

For real amino acid cleansing, the concentration and content of amino acids are the key. A high-concentration amino acid cleansing is not foamy or toothpaste. It is a cleansing cream that even if the pot is wholely turned upside down,  it will not flow. No frafrance, no alcohol ,no pigment, presenting the faint fragrance of amino acid itself. Moreover, the PH value of amino acids is weakly acidic, which is similar to the PH value of our skin surface. It is not irritating and gentle clean.

2. Scientifically moisturize, choose high-concentration active ingredients to replenish moisture, pat morning and evening, and occasionally do wet compresses

The active moisturizing ingredients are:

  • 【Butanediol】—— In-depth skin moisturizing and hydrating, inhibiting the growth of fat and harmful bacteria on the skin

  • 【Collagen extract, hydrolyzed elastin】 It is emphasized here that it must be a small molecule component that can be absorbed and can penetrate into the dermis of the skin

  • 【Dimethyl potassium glycyrrhizinate, allantoin】——anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-allergy

3. Antioxidant, this is the first step to fight against early aging, everyone needs antioxidant + sunscreen.

So what is anti-oxidation? anti-oxidation = anti-aging = elimination of free radicals

Just as peeled apples will turn yellow and dry after exposure for a period of time, metal will react with oxygen in the air to rust. Skin is affected by body functions and the external environment, and will also react with oxygen, so it should be supplemented with antioxidant ingredients in time. It is very important.

Antioxidant ingredients are generally found in essences/serums.

What are the antioxidant ingredients:

Apple Stem Cell


Turmeric Root


Ceramide is especially needed, because ceramide is a homologous component of the body. Only by ensuring that the skin contains sufficient ceramide can the skin absorb better and the water holding capacity can be better. The delicate skin and invisible pores are not a problem! This also achieves the effect of anti-oxidation, and also achieves the effect of removing acne marks that the subject wants.

4. the last step is sun protection, sun protection throughout the year. Sun protection is whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging! ! Be sure to use physical sunscreen + hard sunscreen.

Sun protection is the focus of skin care throughout the year. It is the strongest armor for skin care. It should be done even more for sensitive and acne skin. It should be a soothing protective film, skin invisible clothing, and protective barrier, making age a mystery.

As one of the top whitening cream manufacturers, we suggest that you should do sunscreen in autumn and winter, the ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter are stronger and it is easier to get sunburn.

It is recommended to choose a physical sunscreen, which refracts ultraviolet rays by forming a protective film on the skin surface, so that it will not hurt the skin. Remember, always wear a hat or take the umbrella.

Remember not to overdo skin care. The four principles of family skin care are gentle cleansing, scientific moisturizing, whole-year sun protection, and comprehensive anti-oxidation, and stick to it.

Keep it simple.

Your skin will thank you.

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