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Congratulations: Guangdong High Quality Test for Human Safety Test and Efficacy Evaluation Has Obtained CMA Qualification

1. YOUZ has obtained CMA qualification certification for its quality inspection of cosmetic products

On November 22, 2020, Guangdong YOUZ Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YOUZ Testing) accepted the on-site review of the human safety test and the extension of human efficacy evaluation organized by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, and successfully passed; On January 4, 2021, it officially obtained the CMA qualification certification for human safety test and human efficacy evaluation! The current testing scope includes four types of cosmetic products, chemical raw materials, washing and disinfection products, and flavors and fragrances, covering 419 testing items in 25 product categories.


Based on the latest standards "test and inspection organization accreditation management", "test and inspection organization accreditation capacity evaluation testing organization general requirements" , the evaluation experts has viewed the operation of the quality system and technical capabilities of the YOUZ Testing in-depth inspection for the makeup product.

After a comprehensive inspection and on-site assessment, the evaluation experts gave full recognition to the effectiveness of the operation of the quality system of YOUZ Testing, agreed that the quality system of YOUZ Testing is stable, the current quality management system is complete and effective, the internal and external organizational structure is clearly described, and the distribution of responsibilities is basically reasonable. Technical documents are detailed and can play a good role in guiding the field test, quality management system is in line with the requirements of RB/T214, and the quality of laboratory and testing activities in a controlled state. The experts on cosmetic testing quality management system give high recognitions to YOUZ!


2. The impact of quality testing on the brand side

Efficacy evaluation as the new cosmetic regulations under the product record the necessary conditions for the efficacy of the cosmetic brand's filing progress to bring a certain impact. YOUZ Testing successfully obtained human safety testing and human efficacy evaluation test CMA qualification. Combined with the quality of the professional regulations and filing team, it will develop the cosmetic brand filing and inspection.

Human safety testing and human efficacy evaluation is a very professional testing and evaluation. It involves human testing. Its methods and testing process requirements are very strict, in addition to the requirements of human testing itself. It also need to take into account the moral and ethical requirements of human testing, YOUZ passed the audit with excellent hardware and software strength.

YOUZ Testing will continue to improve technical capabilities and quality management level and create a professional cosmetics inspection and testing and filing services brand, adhering to the customer first, with a professional sense of service and innovative spirit. It will contribute to the cosmetic inspection and testing their strength.

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