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Face Cream is a Creamy Skin Care Product That Moisturizes the Skin

Cream is the most important step in basic skin care, the effective ingredients in the cream such as whitening and anti-aging can be better absorbed by the skin, so it is very important to have a good cream. It can be divided into day cream and night cream, day cream for protection and moisturizing, and night cream for repair and nourishment.

1. The role of face creams

In general, the cream is mainly for dry skin ladies, because the cream is generally more moisturizing, so if the skin is dehydrated, with this effect should be more significant; while the lotion is mainly for mixed or oily skin ladies. Of course, this is just a general statement. The oil-skinned lady can choose a gel-type cream, while the dry-skinned lady can also choose a moisturizing lotion.

Dry people in the dry season, of course, it is recommended to use cream, hydration effect will be better, but also more durable, summer can choose a lighter lotion, refreshing hydration, no burden; oily skin prone to bean troubles, so should not choose a heavy cream, in the dry winter with some good moisturizing effect of the lotion, the summer need to choose with oil control nature of the lotion.

2. The effectiveness of face creams

(1) strengthen the effectiveness of wet compress

Want to strengthen the local skin moisturizing, we can generally use cotton pads with moisturizing lotion wet compresses on particularly dry parts; and want to further strengthen the moisturizing effect, with moisturizing essence cream applied to dry parts, and then wet compresses, moisturizing effect is more excellent. The effects of moisturizing water and cream complement each other and can rejuvenate the skin quickly.

(2) As a sleeping mask

Sleeping masks are generally hydrating and refreshing gel textures, which themselves have less oil and nutrients, and are basically based on moisturizing and hydrating effects. If you have a light-textured gel moisturizer on hand, try using it as a sleeping mask and apply it to the U-zone, which is prone to dryness. It is not necessary to use a moisturizing essence lotion as a sleeping mask, but you can use a cotton pad to wipe away excess lotion for half an hour or so, and then massage it gently with your fingertips to absorb it.

(3) Strengthen the BB cream moisturizing power

Many people reject BB cream because they feel that it is "sticky", not sticky enough, not as moist as foundation. If you want to make BB cream moist, you can try adding a cream about the size of a soybean to BB cream to increase its moisturization and spreadability, so that the makeup becomes more moisturizing and smooth, while having maintenance effects.

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