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2021 iPDM Exhibition: Bawei Showed Its Charm in Efficacy

The two-day 2021 iPDM(China Cosmetics Supply Chain Exhibition, with four parts: ingredient, package, design and manufacture) came to an official end. As an annual exhibition on the beauty supply chain, it presents a gorgeous feast covering design, packaging, ingredients, manufacturing and polular products for the beauty industry with over 20,000 square meters in the form of connecting the supply chain and the brand end. The crowd was surging at the scene, and Bawei's museum was bursting with popularity.

As the fastest growing cosmetics manufacturer in South China, Bawei is also an upstream supply chain of high-quality cosmetics. Ms. Leng Qunying, chairman, and Mr. Chen Biao, vice chairman, were invited to attend the 5th China Cosmetics International Summit Forum held in the same period. Mr. Liu Ruixue, General Manager of R&D Center, attended the launching ceremony of the Blue Book on the Development of China's Cosmetics Industry. Ms. Li Shiwei, the person in charge of Bawei Youqi Testing, attended the sub-forum on digital age and efficacy and gave a keynote speech. Mr. Tan Chengkang, Director of R&D, attended the event as the host of the sub-forum of raw material innovation and efficacy.


Baiwei, sticking to brand value and help high-quality development.


Ms. Leng Qunying, the chairman of the board of directors, made a report and exchange with the leaders, experts and peers on "Adhering to the brand value and taking the road of high-quality development". The cosmetics industry is moving towards orderly and standardized development. For the supply chain, high quality is the outlet. Under the advance layout and taking advantage of the outlet of the times, Bawei not only realizes the growth of benefits against the trend, but also quenches the Bawei brand with its own unique reliable gene, adheres to the professional spirit of "Being a reliable person, doing reliable things and producing reliable products", casts the product quality with specialty, helps the rise of domestic products with quality, and contributes to the high-quality development of the industry.





We have created a library of more than 300 efficacy formulas.

Under the wave of generation Z becoming the focus of consumption, accepting oneself, trying new objects, efficacy, ingredients, appearance, etc. have gradually become new consumption motivations. Products pursued by customers tend to be more diversified under precise sub-categories. Coupled with the gradual implementation of the cosmetics policy, it can be said that this is an era of extreme flooding and scarcity of products.

In the face of new trends and challenges, Bawei has built a over 300 efficacy formula library with professional, authoritative, scientific and innovative spirit and linked quality detection, so as to realize the efficacy of beauty products, help the brand layout in advance, seize market opportunities, and inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of the industry.

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