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Efficacy Testing Has Become a Dark Horse at the China International Beauty Expo? You Zhi Quality Test of Bawei: "ace" Reappears

Just place an order with one click, and the "inspection test report" will appear the next day? Is the inspection report that I bought online is true?

In response to the situation that "some online shopping platforms can purchase quality inspection reports," recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation has successively issued documents to prevent illegal activities in online trading of fake inspection reports. At the same time, the regulatory authorities have made specific requirements for the qualification certification and report content of the testing agency. As a result, cosmetics officially entered the era of strict supervision of efficacy evaluation.

After the implementation of the "new regulations", cosmetics inspection has become the only way to go before the product goes on the market, but the inspection party, which once became the "blue-eyed boy" of the industry, has frequent problems. This has also become the most difficult and urgent problem facing factories and brands. How to find reliable and professional testing institutions? Let us visit the site of the 58th China International Beauty Expo (Guangzhou).baweicosmetic-1.jpg

Ⅰ. Safety · Efficacy · Reliable · Empowerment

The importance of cosmetic products testing to factories and brands is self-evident. This has also allowed some powerful and reserved upstream factories to deploy testing departments. In the Youzhi Testing Exhibition Hall of Bawei in Hall 1.1 D29 in Area A, we saw that the Youzhi Testing Exhibition Area was crowded with people who came to consult.

Companies with forward-looking strategic vision, represented by Bawei, began to deploy inspection departments as early as 2019. Before the implementation of the "new regulations", Bawei's independent third-party testing agency, Youzhi Testing, had already taken care of the "three certificates" of CMA, CNAS, cosmetics registration and registration inspection agencies. With these, Bawei has become one of the few authoritative, professional and leading testing institutions in the industry.


▴ The Bawei·Youzhi Testing Exhibition Hall is crowded with people who come to consult

At the site, the Bawei·Youzhi testing exhibition was divided into six sections: regulatory services, packaging material evaluation, efficacy evaluation, banned and restricted substance testing, microbiological research, and safety evaluation. Each section has related reports, equipment and instruments, and on-site small tests.

Li Shiwei, the person in charge of Bawei·Youzhi testing, introduced to us that after the implementation of the "new regulations", the demand for efficacy evaluation by enterprises has increased rapidly. Bawei·Youzhi testing covers four efficacy evaluation methods: human efficacy evaluation test, consumer use test, laboratory test, and literature/research data. From moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, repairing, oil control, anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, firming, make-up durability and other general cosmetic efficacy evaluation types, to sun protection, anti-hair loss, removing freckles, whitening and other special cosmetic efficacy evaluation types, Bawei can provide the corresponding Detection.


▴ Safety evaluation display area

The importance of safety evaluation for cosmetics is self-evident. Bawei·Youzhi Testing "moved" the zebrafish test to the scene, allowing the testing equipment and methods that were once "hidden" in the laboratory to be directly presented to the public for the first time. In addition to the zebrafish test, the test can also provide cell test, chicken embryo test, fish embryo test, human skin patch test, etc., to ensure product safety.



▴ Zebrafish trial attracts onlookers

"We not only have a testing section, but also provide professional regulatory services, such as product filing services, regulatory consulting services, regulatory training, formula component review, product label review, etc." Li Shiwei added.

Safety, efficacy, reliability, and empowerment are what Bawei·Youzhi has always adhered to. When many companies are frequently punished and frustrated because they don't understand the "new regulations", Bawei·Youzhi Testing, which is at the forefront of the industry, has participated in the drafting and formulation of 5 national standards, 25 group standards, and 58 corporate standards. Bawei has also established a team of more than 50 high-quality and experienced professional testing personnel, with more than 400 sets of sophisticated equipment with international first-class standards, to provide the cosmetics brand with one-stop beauty testing and filing services.

Ⅱ. "Ignored" packaging material detection

At present, the whole industry pays more attention to functions and materials, and not to packaging materials. However, Youzhi Testing also pays attention to the testing of packaging materials and has established a complete packaging material testing laboratory. We do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to introduce a torque meter that measures the value of the locking and opening torque of bottled products, as well as professional testing equipment such as light aging box, vibrating table, drop tester, vacuum seal tester, compression tester and so on.

"Packaging materials give consumers the most direct feeling. Especially after transportation and express delivery, it is very important whether the products can be delivered to consumers intact." Li Shiwei revealed to us that in addition to the manufacturing of products that are well-known to the public, Bawei can also develop automation equipment. This time it brought a pump head fatigue tester independently developed to the site.


▴ Pump head fatigue tester independently developed by Bawei·Youzhi Inspection

Take a product pump head cooperated by Bawei and Unilever as an example. The original packaging material once showed buckle off and pump head breakage during the drop test of the pump head, which will affect the use function and sealing performance of the product. In this regard, the Bawei·Youzhi team combined the testing situation and relevant experience to make reasonable suggestions for customers, and continuously improve and update the packaging materials. In this way, it is possible to avoid liquid leakage and rupture caused by throwing during transportation and e-commerce express delivery to the greatest extent.

Ⅲ. Empower reliable products with testing methods

Bawei·Youzhi tests the "achievements" that empower brands and products. There is a concentrated display in Bawei's Star Appearance product exhibition area. After a series of running-in tests ranging from ingredients, efficacy, safety to packaging materials, we saw 10 series of over 100 star products with both "beautiful appearance" and "efficacy" in the appearance exhibition area of Bawei's Star Products. Among them, there are many Bawei& A series of new products jointly developed by Unilever.


▴ The series of Bawei Star Appearance attracted many people watching the exhibition

Many people know that a product needs to go through a lot of tedious and meticulous testing procedures from research and development to market launch. Relying on Bawei's strong backing and under the leadership of 5G, at present, Bawei·Youzhi Testing has introduced the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Customers can place orders online and remotely check project progress, which greatly simplifies the cumbersome process and pressure of factory/brand testing and filing, and saves time and cost.

"Using advanced standards to anti-force the upgrade of 'Made in China', we hope to start from the multiple dimensions of safety, effective protection, big names, and source guarantees to ensure that cosmetics are reliable. The so-called famous brands are not famous brands that people understand in the traditional sense. The concept is to empower more brands through the experience of cooperating with famous brands such as Unilever, MISSHA of South Korea, MARUBI, PROF.LING, and HBN." Li Shiwei said.


▴ Intended customers to negotiate on-site

Bawei's 15 years is a history of advancement and a history of transformation. As an independent third-party inspection agency, Youzhi Inspection has become one of Bawei's four trump cards, helping customer brands to break through the waves under the wave of new regulations and achieve overtaking on a bend.

Under the new regulations, Bawei·Youzhi testing will work hard in many aspects in the future. With the support of reliable genes, it will upgrade its testing capabilities, continue to take the road of high-quality development, and continue to deepen the market's understanding of "Youzhi testing-professional and fast" impression. At the same time, Ballway uses its own authoritative testing strength to reinforce the status of the testing trump card, optimize the brand layout, and link R&D and innovation capabilities. Bawei will provide the market/brand with more high-interest, high-efficiency, and explosive flow of "good quality and high-quality" products, and continue to empower the market concept of "Bawei, safe and reliable".

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