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BAWEI's Reliable New Journey

Here, we can see the reliable genes of BAWEI: In the past year, an obvious feature of the cosmetic items industry is that there are more and more supervision systems, and the supervision system is becoming more and more perfect. From January 1, 2022, cosmetics registration and filing must upload the basis for efficacy promotion. Now, there are only 3 months left before the implementation of this regulation. As far as brands are concerned, under the drastic changes in the industry, what is the future development direction and trend? On the afternoon of September 29th, at the 2021 BAWEI 4th Annual Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing, BAWEI conducted a multi-dimensional interpretation around reliable genes to help the high-quality development of the industry.

1. Reliable BAWEI helps the high-quality development of the industry

Chen Biao, vice chairman of BAWEI, firstly analyzed the future trend of the industry from a macro perspective from the top-level design, that is, the regulatory policies and policies related to the personal care cosmetics industry. Moreover, he made clear the company's determination for high-quality development.

As for how cosmetic items companies should deal with high-quality development, BAWEI also put forward his own thinking: For brands, first of all, the product itself must be novel enough, and abandoning brand homogeneity is the key to winning the respect of the market. Secondly, the high-quality development of cosmetics can also rely on new marketing methods. On the raw material side, the first is to control the source. Only high-quality, safe, and effective raw materials can achieve high-quality products. Secondly, the new raw materials with innovative high-tech content are like the "chips" of cosmetic items. On the packaging material side, packaging materials that directly contact cosmetic items should be safe, and oriental elements and personalized customization are also major trends. On the production side, Chen Biao took BAWEI as a case to share in-depth on the four trump cards he established: hard-core research and development, authoritative testing, intelligent quality manufacturing, and BAWEI's star-colored face to help the high-quality development of the brand.

2. Reliable testing helps brand development

Li Shiwei attributed reliable products to efficacy, safety, stability, and withstanding strict inspections. In the efficacy section, the current pain points in human efficacy evaluation are: first, the source of volunteers, second, volunteer compliance, third, professional technicians, and fourth, the test cycle. As a result, it is predicted that the volunteer service for efficacy evaluation of personal care cosmetics may form a new industrial chain in the future. BAWEI Youzhi Testing has sorted out reliable testing solutions for the above four pain points to help brand development.

In the safety section, BAWEI Youzhi Testing has passed the screening of risk substances and strictly controlled the residues of prohibited and restricted substances such as heavy metals and risk substances. In the stability test, equipment and tests such as simulated temperature, simulated transportation, and simulated express delivery are used. In addition to the control of the general direction, BAWEI has also implemented the details, summed up, and extracted a set of "front and rear iron triangle services" to help the brand adapt and deploy in advance. Among them, the "Former Iron Triangle" includes marketing services, cutting-edge research and development, and BAWEI's star face series products on the product side.

3. 300+ functional products of BAWEI help the healthy development of the brand

In the cutting-edge R&D section, Liu Ruixue, general manager of BAWEI R&D, put forward three views on sharing resources, creating dreams together, and building health together. Based on an open, inclusive, and co-created R&D platform, BAWEI, relying on 15 years of accumulation and precipitation, has reserved 300+ products in advance that are compliant, safe, and have test reports for brand use.

Personal care cosmetics brands can use them directly according to their own needs, or adjust their personalities, such as adding brand tonality and claiming ingredients and then conducting efficacy and safety tests. Or joint development, that is, according to the needs of the brand, to complete the whole process from formula development to efficacy and safety evaluation.

4. Safe and reliable cosmetic products make the brand more perfect

Yang Honghua, Marketing Director of BAWEI, analyzed the innovative solutions of reliable products to help brands. The solution to helping brand customers seize the first wave of dividends is the "300+ efficacy formula library", involving toner, essence, lotion, face cream, mask, body lotion, barrier cream, and other categories, as well as freckle, whitening, acne removal, repair Anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-dandruff, suitable for sensitive skin and other functions.

After 15 years of research and development, BAWEI has more than 6,000 mature formulas. On this basis, according to market feedback and consumer demand research, as well as research on the mechanism of functional ingredients, onset amount, and synergy, BAWEI specially selected 300+ efficacy formulas. These formulas not only comply with safety, stability, and compliance but also have relevant efficacy test reports issued by BAWEI Youzhi Testing, which always escorts the safety of the brand.

The 15-year history of BAWEI's transformation and upgrading is also an evolutionary history of China's beauty manufacturing industry. From the downstream product side to building its own competitive barriers step by step, BAWEI has successfully achieved upward transformation and upgrading by relying on safe and reliable genes. From being selected to taking the initiative to choose, Chinese beauty manufacturing companies represented by BAWEI are taking back the right to speak step by step.

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