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The Magic Cube of Diverse Effects Awaits Your Unlocking

The powerful layout effect creates blue oceans and helps makeup brands to break through and grow

The beginning determines the future development of the whole industry. In 2022, the "Construction Year" for makeup products, various brand owners, advertisers, and emerging brands are attaching greater importance to the efficacy and endorsement behind the products under the influence of new regulations. To cater to this industry trend and market demand, Baweiupholds a reliable spirit and responds to market changes with deterministic products and services. By enhancing the multi-dimensional features of the products, Baweihas introduced a new gameplay of "Efficacy Cube", which focuses on the product itself and creates diversified explosive products that are "strong in efficacy, excellent in data, appealing visually, good in skin feel, and highly concerned" through the form of "customized efficacy + free combination." This helps clients create their unique brand characteristics with personalized and customizable products and achieve breakthrough growth.


Twist the efficacy cube and unlock N+ customized efficacy formulas for makeup products

Bawei's efficacy cube for makeup products covers various product types, including water, milk, essence, cream, eye cream, facial masks, etc., and includes a variety of effects, such as soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging, firming, repairing, oil control, acne removal, sun protection, whitening, and spot removing, to meet customers' personalized customization needs for brand products to the greatest extent.

Cutting-edge technology empowers product development, and cosmetic ingredient innovation multiplies formula efficacy

"Demulsion" permeation-assisting technology is currently one of the main promoted technologies by Bawei, which can effectively compound plant extracts and scientific components perfectly. With its highly permeable characteristics, it can maximize the penetration of active ingredients for beautiful skin to the skin to play its role, while reducing molecular particle size to promote absorption, creating a refreshing and comfortable skin feel.


Using Bawei's high-end anti-aging series "Star Beauty" as an example, which is based on strong anti-aging effects, "Demulsion" permeation-assisting technology enables the inclusion of premium ingredients to prevent sagging and relaxation of the skin from the inside out and achieve visible youthful changes, directly facing skin fragility and relaxation issues.

In addition to focusing on cutting-edge technology, Bawei, a makeup brand, has also been continuously innovating in the field of raw material development, developing a variety of proprietary plant composite new raw materials and obtaining relevant patent certificates. Through the optimization of development technology and process, it can effectively enhance the application of raw materials, multiply the efficacy of the formula, and support product development.

The professional testing of makeup brands ensures that efficacy is "evidence-based" and helps market claims

How to make the product's efficacy "evidence-based"? This is thanks to Bawei's detection ace - “Youzhi Testing”, a professional testing unit. Youzhi Testing, rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, has passed the human safety testing and special efficacy evaluation of makeup products (sun protection, spot removing and whitening, anti-hair loss) under the State Administration for Market Regulation's registration and filing testing system for cosmetic products. It is one of the 25 institutions in the industry with qualifications to register and test three special-purpose cosmetic categories: spot removing and whitening, sun protection, and anti-hair loss, providing authoritative and reliable strength to support the efficacy formula detection and verification of Bawei.

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